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Desserts at Sugar

by on March 20, 2010

After having some steak at The Hollywood Steakhouse Aissa and I moved on to Sugar, Seven Suites’ new dessert place.  Like THS  Sugar is tastefully decorated but this time with a more laid back zen/victorian look.  We settled into one of the tables and waited for someone to serve us.  15 minutes passes.  I decide to get up and inform the front desk of seven suites that they have customers.  Our waiter is very nice and informative, but it’s still frustrating to have to wait that long for any kind of service.

The list of desserts manages to be both amusing and annoying at the same time by virtue of their sometimes clever names.  It’s amusing to pick a dessert that you think calls out to your personality (I chose the Philosophical highly concentrated chocolate fudge brownie) but annoying that there are no descriptions for the desserts.  This can present numerous problems to the innocent diner.  For example, I know from another blog that their truffle dessert is fried in grated coconut.  I hate grated coconut, but I like truffles.  I might’ve gone for the truffles if I didn’t know they were fried in grated coconut.  To be fair, this isn’t unique to Sugar.  There’s been a trend lately to give your food items clever names that have absolutely nothing to do with what’s in them.  The restaurants Mr.Kurosawa and Marciano’s (both owned by the same group of people)  are the biggest culprits here.  The most egregious thing is that when you finally summon the gumption to look up at your waitress and ask “ano ‘tong Tequila sunrise maki?” they’ll look at you with a blank stare and retreat to the kitchen to ask the chef.  At least in Sugar our waiter seemed to know what he was talking about.

Nostalgic dark choc. cheese crumb in front, Philosophical fudge brownies in back

Finally, we get to the point of the post which is, were the desserts any good?  First off, they were HUGE.  I don’t know if this is a trend they’re trying to start with THS were everything seems to be served in double portions, but our desserts were way too much for just one person to eat (also something not mentioned on the menu).  My chocolate fudge brownie was two triangular slabs which were rich and chocolatey, but too much for me to finish in one sitting.  The other half of my brownie would eventually meet its fate in my house at the hands of my mother.  Aissa’s choice of nostalgic Dark choc. cheese crumb (I dare anyone to make sense of that) took the figurative cake.  The dark chocolate mixed perfectly with the lemony cheese crumble on top, and we devoured it in minutes.

I have mixed feelings about Sugar.  I don’t really understand why they couldn’t just serve those desserts in THS, although at the same time I have to admit that I’m really not a desserts person.  I’ll have to ask her if she thinks it’s worth going all the way up Antipolo for dessert, but if I were to come back to this area it wold certainly be for the Steak and not the Sugar.


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