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Hollywood Steakhouse

by on March 14, 2010

Aissa and I aren’t exactly gourmets but we do enjoy food a lot (meat in particular), and we got a LOT of that last night at the Hollywood Steakhouse up in Antipolo.  The Hollywood Steakhouse is a new restaurant run by the Cravings group, who also run the venerable seven suites hotel.  The drive up Antipolo was uneventful, and eventually we saw a sign announcing the entrance into the small Cravings enclave in Antipolo which also contains Grilla, Old Spaghetti House, and Sugar, a dessert place we’ll be trying afterwards  (we’ll talk about that in another post).

I was mildly surprised to see that dining is al fresco only.  Shouldn’t be a problem in the evenings but I can’t imagine eating here on a hot summer day.  Regardless, the restaurant is tastefully and subtly decorated, and the warm yellow lights help to put you at ease right away.  Each table is graced by a wine bottle, but oddly enough there are no wine listings on the spartan, straight to the point menu; Pick an entree then choose the salad, soup, and starch (a choice between mac and cheese and an assortment of rice) that you want to go with it.  We ended up choosing with the Pepper rubbed Rib Eye steak (medium rare, Tomato soup, Japanese slaw salad) and the eponymous Hollywood T-bone Steak (medium, mushroom soup, Japanese slaw salad).  The soup and salad were served quickly and tasted good, if not not exceptional.  I’d have liked the Tomato soup better with a little cheese and maybe some freshly chopped basil on top.

Tomato soup and Japanese ‘slaw salad

Here’s where the experience started to fall apart a little bit for me.  Before we could finish the appetizers, the steaks emerged from the kitchen on sizzling plates.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the steaks and the wooden planks holding their sizzling plates were huge, and the table was soon unappetizingly (yes, I realize the irony) crammed with food.  The Steakhouse is still on soft opening, so I’m willing to overlook the lapse in timing, but I’d suggest that the wait staff, if they’re already aware of how soon it takes to cook their steaks, wait until the customer is halfway through the appetizer before signalling the chef to start cooking.  I’m not sure if that’s asking too much, but the inadvertent feeling of being rushed through a meal always puts me off.

The sizzling plates were another matter.  Watching a steak sizzle on a plate lost its charm on me soon after I hit puberty, and at this point all I could see was hundreds of tiny oil spatters littering the table and possibly ruining a romantic evening.  Let’s just say I equate sizzling steaks with beer houses, or any other place where the mess they create would feel perfectly at home.  The sizzling plate also created a problem that really shouldn’t have been present at all;  The steaks were huge and could barely fit on the plates, creating a logistical nightmare for anyone who likes eating without making a mess.  There was also a generous serving of togue piled quite unceremoniously next to the steak that we had to transfer into the soup bowls in order to create room for knife and fork.  If anyone from the Hollywood Steakhouse is reading this, please just serve your steaks on plates.  It makes eating easier and frankly it just looks a lot classier.

Hollywood T-bone Steak (550 pesos)with said unceremonious togue

Pepper rubbed rib-eye steak (650 pesos)

You’d think at this point that I’d have been really disappointed, but the food makes up for it.  As mentioned earlier, the steaks were really huge, and they were perfectly grilled.  The meat, when not hindered by fat, was tender and ridiculously easy to slice through.  The gravy really made the flavors of the meat come out for me, and surprisingly it was a little sweet, which is not normally something I’d like.  I’m not enough of a gourmet to be able to tell the difference between Rib-eye and T-bone, but I had no complaints about the taste of the food whatsoever.  The mac and cheese was serviceable, and it was while trying to finish it that i realized i would have appreciated the option for a glass of wine in exchange for the side dishes, which were made superfluous by the steak.  A combination of soup, steak, and wine would be a killer combo for me.  Regardless, I do see myself visiting the Hollywood Steakhouse again sometime this year, and hopefully they’ll have the kinks straightened out by that time.  You can find out more about the Hollywood Steakhouse here, where they’ve also posted their menu so you can see what else they have to offer.


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  1. this review is more than generous, thanks for this. 🙂

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