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Hotel Review : Gordion Inn (Vigan)

by on March 11, 2010

Usually when booking a hotel our first instinct is to check Tripadvisor.  However the Vigan section on Tripadvisor is not quite as robust as other travel destinations, so we went for plan B: scouring the internet.   We eventually decided that the Gordion Inn was our best option, based on the quality of their website (we assumed people who take the time to make their website look nice will take the same care with their hotel), affordable rates, and the quickness of their email responses.

Upon our arrival we weren’t disappointed as the place was just as charming as their website portrayed it (the rather off-putting yellow and blue color scheme on the outside being the exception). You’ll have to forgive my memory (this visit was in November 2009) but as far as I can recall the current Gordion Inn was built around an old Spanish colonial home, which actually still serves as the lobby and is also where the suites are located.  We stayed in a standard double bed room for 2000 pesos, which was on the otherside of a small courtyard.  It looked like they were still expanding the site at the time, since we would run into carpenters and construction workers every now and then.

I suppose the best thing I can say about the place was that I had absolutely nothing to complain about.  The staff was efficient and helpful, the rooms were cozy and the airconditioning was excellent, and the room rate includes a daily breakfast which almost always ended up with us choosing the garlicky vigan longganisa (pictured above) and dining al fresco in their cafe area. If you’re going to Vigan, make sure to keep the Gordion Inn on your list of places to stay.

Check out more pictures of the Inn and our trip to Vigan here.


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