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Hotel Review: Taj Guesthouse Boracay

by on February 22, 2009

front-deskThe Taj’s front desk

Looking for a nice place to stay in Boracay that’s afforable, near the beach, and near enough to station 2’s D’mall to be convenient but still quiet enough for you to get some sleep at night?  Then I suggest you stay at the Taj’s guesthouse  The Taj has been recently renovated, and in my mind is probably one of the best places to stay on a budget.  The design and interiors have a  very nice neo-asian style (with the exception of the curiously placed cross stitch frames), you get a cable tv, clean room, and your towels and bedsheets are replaced everyday!  Also, some hotels charge extra because they’re beachfront, but really I don’t think an extra 2 grand for an ocean view is justified.  Take a few steps outside the Taj and you’re on the powdery white beach of boracay.  Need soap, snacks, liquor?  Shenna’s restaurant and convenience store is right next door.  Really, the Taj is a steal, especially with standard rooms going for as low as 1500 during the peak season.  Trust me when I say I scoured the internets for the best value for proposition deal for a hotel in Boracay that has these specific properties:

  • Is air conditioned
  • Is relatively near station 2
  • Is not far from the beach

p1020927Tasteful room interiors

The Taj hit the money on all three.  Also, the owner/manager Mike is very cordial and helpful.  He answered my emails right away and when we arrived in boracay he texted us directions to the hotel.  When we checked out he was also very open to my suggestions on how to make the customer experience better.  For example, the bathroom, while very nicely designed, lacked a shower curtain for some reason.  Aissa and I are both neatfreaks when it comes to showering, so this was a big issue for us.  And anyway it’s really cheap to get a shower curtain, so for a little extra cost you make your guests feel much better.  I also suggested that he replace the cross stitch patterns on the wall with some abstract paintings, because while the patterns had their own charm, they simply did not fit the neo asian look of the interiors.


Lovely ceiling lights create an abstract pattern

Speaking of the interiors, they’re some of the best I’ve seen in a budget hotel.  Most budget hotels have really barebones or at worst, tacky designs.  I don’t understand why some budget resorts use really takcy mattress covers with shiny flowers and all sorts of weird decorations on them. Just because the hotel’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to look cheap right?  The Taj has a very clean, modern look.  Very zen, all straight lines and abstract patterns, it’s proof positive that you don’t need to spend a lot to have good design in your hotel.  It was also nice that they found space for a little patio outside our room, where you can relax and have a few chips and beer and watch all the sun-baked foreigners wander by.

p1020934The patio in front of our room has two chairs and a desk, and a towel rack to dry towels and swimming gear

So there you have it.  If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Boracay on a budget, head on over to the Taj’s guesthouse website and book a room now!


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  1. Olive Juliano permalink

    Hi there. Can I possibly request for the contact numebr/email address of the owner Mike? We still have not received a confirmation on our reservation to finalize the booking.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Olive, unfortunately all I have are the contact information on the website:

    Cellphone No.:
    Smart: (0920) 919-6509 / Globe: (0915) 442-4787 / Sun: (0922) 237-6242

    Telephone No.:

    (036) 288-4628 / TeleFax No.: (036) 288-4973

    E-mail: /
    Hope you get to contact them!

  3. arlene permalink

    would like to know if the rooms have windows, is there a fire exit and if the place is relatively safe enough. even if we go out at night. thanks

    • Hi Arlene there were windows on the room that we stayed in, and a little terrace out front. There’s no security per se, but you’re about as safe as anyone else is in Boracay.

      • oxymind permalink

        Hi Arlene, the whole cluster of guesthouses (Taj’s, Tan’s & others) in that area employ security guards on a 12hrs shift (as i recalled from our visit last Nov. 2010), and security has never been an issue thus far…inner rooms like their single/double occupancy & family rooms at the 1st level don’t have windows. exit from these rooms would just be through your main door leading to lobby/reception area (which is just around 5-10steps really)..i’ve been to Boracay around 8x already, the last 6 of which, i have stayed at Taj’s guesthouse owing to its affordable rates, proximity to any places of interest ’round the White Beach (as it’s located at the middle of station 2), comfy beds/pillows and ease in getting reservation from the Manager (send your info by email, then you should be able to get in touch with them without any hassle by cp thereafter, as they’re already anticipating your calls/text once you’ve made up your bookings confirmed.)

  4. there are LED ceiling lights available these days already, they are more expensive but does not consume too much electricity -‘-

  5. those plastic shower curtains are very cheap and you can install it easily without sweat .:’

  6. ruby esperanza permalink


    just wanna reserve 1 room for couple this coming may 11 – 14, 2011..
    can you please help me..


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