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Cebu Pacific Zero Fare Osaka Sale!!! (Sale Period January 9-14 Travel Period Feb 1 – March 31)

by on January 9, 2009


If you’ve ever wanted to go to Osaka, Japan, this is the time!  Cebu Pacific is the airline!  With the zero fare sales, you can go to Japan for as low as 6,104 Pesos!  That’s cheaper than going to Bangkok!  I’m going to go away now, and start looking at what kinds of stuff I can sell in my room to get a ticket.

FYI The Hotel Chuo and Toyoko Inn Osaka have rooms ranging from roughly 2500-3500 pesos.

One Comment
  1. Allan Kalvin Leung permalink

    When you say P3500 is that per head or per room??
    My problem with 5j is that when i travell i always tend to have a heavy luggage. Last time i checked with Cebu pacific they’ve reduced their free baggage allowance to only 15kgs. It will soon be cheaper for me to buy two tickets and have 30 kgs of FBA than paying everytime excess baggage.

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