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Air Asia flies to London!

by on November 27, 2008


Exciting news for anyone looking to visit London, Air Asia now flies to London for as low as 15000++ pesos During their promotion!  If you take advantage of Cebu Pacific’s zero fare sale (which occurs during the same time period) you could theoretically go to London and back for around 20,000 pesos!

This is the most ridiculous deal ever folks, and you’d be crazy not to take Air Asia up on their offer.

  1. Allan Kalvin Leung permalink

    Now that is really cheap!!! Hope that they won’t end like Oasis Hong Kong. Thanks for all the info you put in this very helpful website.

  2. Hi Allan thanks and yeah I hope they don’t go the way of Oasis. Although Air Asia is a much stronger brand and they have much deeper pockets, so I’m a little less concerned.

  3. now everyone can fly 🙂

  4. Dear air asia, if you’re going to sneakily advertise on our blog, please give us free tickets. Thanks!

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