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Tripadvisor as Mediator

by on November 22, 2008

One of the advantages of a connected society is that people’s voices are amplified beyond what they used to be.  I’m not talking about megaphones but about the internet, and how websites like tripadvisor help to make sure that hotels are kept on their toes.  For example, within days of posting two reviews on tripadvisor, one for asset hotel and one for Tune hotel KL, I received 2 emails from their management staff apologizing for any discomfort I may have had, and in the case of asset hotel, even offering me my money back (for the taxi pickup mishap).

While this speaks very highly of of both hotels’ management staff, it speaks even higher about Tripadvisor’s new role as a mediator between consumers and management.  It’s become so large that user reviews on it cannot bet ignored, and the smartest and most tech-savvy among hotel management grounps keep an eye out for any negative reviews.  So if you have any complaints or praise about a hotel, make sure to tell them, then put up a review on tripadvisor, because you know they’ll be watching.


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