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Hotel Review : Tune Hotel in KL

by on November 18, 2008


Well whaddayaknow, another hotel review.  Yes I know it’s becoming obvious that we’re using these cross posts to cover up the fact that we don’t have the time or energy to write proper posts…but what are you gonna do?  Tune Hotel offers a great value proposition, so long as you keep you head and fingers away from the ceiling fan.  The branch in KL is near a KL monorail station so it’s very easy to get around, and there’s a Subway and a Malaysian restaurant at the ground floor, plus a 7-11, so you never have to worry about getting food or snacks.  If you’re staying in KL on a budget, I highly recommend it.

Overall I like the package that Tune Hotel presents. A cheap hotel that assures you of a nice bed and shower, and rally that’s all I want when I go on a trip. I spend most of my vacations outside the hotel anyway.

However an incident with the ceiling fans in Tune Hotels leads me to give them a lower rating than I might have. Basically as soon as I got in the room, I turned on the fan, stretched to take off my shirt and nearly lost my finger when the fan blades hit it. Now I’m rather tall but I’ve never been in a room where the fan was low enough that I could touch it, and frankly I really don’t understand why they didn’t go for a rotating corner fan instead of a ceiling fan. Aside from possibly being cheaper, having a ceiling fan blowing air onto to you non stop is definitely not healthy.

Granted the staff were really as helpful as they could be, bringing out the first aid kit and walking me to the nearest clinic. But when they told me that I was “lucky” because some guests had already hit their heads on the fan…

Tune Hotel’s management should seriously consider replacing their fans. Having corner fans may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but the knowledge that these things have happened before makes me wonder if they care at all whether or not their guests get home in one piece.

For reference, prices at Tune Hotels can range from as low as 40 ringgit (10 ringgit for a night + a 30 ringgit “admininstration fee”) which is roughly 500 pesos, which is ridiculously for the comfort and location.  You’ll have to book in advance though, and beware of the paper thin walls.  I could hear children wailing at 12 am, and it’s a wonder I managed to fall asleep.


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