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Hotel Review : Asset Hotel in Shanghai

by on November 18, 2008


Once again in the spirit of efficiency (ie laziness), I will cross post from Tripadvisor another review I wrote, this time of the Asset hotel in Shanghai. I wholeheartedly recommend this hotel to anyone looking to stay in Shanghai, as it offers very good value for money, and is just 5 minutes away from the nearest MRT station. Their staff are also borderline nice, which I’ve found to be a rarity in the Chinese service industry.

Asset hotel is one of the best budget hotels my girlfriend and I have ever stayed in. They were easy to contact via email, the hotel itself is a great value for money, and it’s near enough to two train stations that it’s very easy to get around shanghai. Convenience stores and some restaurants are located nearby in case you want to step out for a quick snack, and overall their staff were very polite (a rarity in the Chinese service industry, as far as our experiences have shown).

The room was large enough and tastefully decorated. The bathroom worked excellently and was restocked everyday. The breakfast buffet was satisfactory, if a little same-y (not much variety over the 3 days we were there), mostly scrambled eggs, vegetables, meatballs, congee and dimsum, with cereal and bread for western diners.

However there was one issue we had that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. We requested a hotel pickup , which cost 250 RMB. Upon arriving in Shanghai’s pudong airport at roughly 12am, we could not find a sign with my name on it. We walked around for 15 minutes before eventually calling the hotel and asking if the pickup had arrived. Unfortunately the girl on the line didn’t speak english very well, and she told us to “just take a taxi to the hotel”, which we did. 3 days later, on the day of our departure, Mr. Reynold the hotel manager approached us and informed us that the pickup was there until 1 and since the hotel had already paid for the service, he asked (in a very polite manner, I must add) if we would be willing to pay half of the original charge (125 RMB) to over the cost.

I felt that this was quite unfair to us as we had walked the length of the airport already at 12am and were told by his own staff that we should take a taxi there. He explained that his night staff weren’t very good with english, and while I understood his side of the story ultimately I felt that the hotel should take the hit for the misunderstanding. Eventually I offered to use the advance deposit we made upon check-in to the hotel (worth 100RMB) as recompense, and mr. Reynold, while he didn’t look too happy about it, agreed.

I think that Pudong airport’s procedures with regards to waiting for arrivals were the main cause of this problem, as upon our departure we saw a sign that said “meeting area”. Perhaps the taxi was there, and yet when you exit the bagage claim area there are already numerous people with signs of hotels and guest names, so it can be very confusing.

I would highly recommend staying at the Asset Hotel if you visit Shanghai, but it would probably be best to take a taxt (or an airport car as we did) to get to the hotel. We paid 200RMB for the airport car, which was lower than what asset hotel had to offer, though I think if you bargain enough you can get it even lower.

If you want a cheap hotel that’s right next to the MRT station, I’d suggest staying at the Zhao An hotel, which while it is a lot less pretty than Asset, still garnered pretty good reviews on Tripadvisor.  Last year, Aissa and I stayed at the Zhenghang Business hotel, purely based on our budget, and it was surprisingly nice, if a little far from the nearest MRT station at Jing An temple.

For reference, we booked Asset hotel at roughly 2500 pesos a night for their standard/superior room at  Zhenghang is similarly priced and I believe Zhao An is a bit cheaper.


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