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Hotel Review : Lotus Lodge in Siem Reap

by on November 16, 2008


Arrived from our Siem Reap/KL trip yesterday, and put up a review on Tripadvisor of the excellent hotel we stayed in during the Siem Reap leg of our 1 week trip, the Lotus Lodge.  I’ll repost the review here because I’m too efficient to do otherwise, but will once again wholeheartedly recommend the Lotus Lodge to anyone who’s looking to stay in Siem Reap to see the majestic ruins of the Angkor Wat temple complex.

I just read a 1 star review of the Lotus Lodge and I cannot disagree more with the reviewer. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Lotus Lodge and were overwhelmed by how genuinely nice the staff was. When they found out that we were from the Philippines they trotted out the few Filipino phrases they new, obviously to try to put us at ease. Conversation was hardly a problem though, as almost all the staff spoke conversational english.

The staff (including Andre, who welcomed us as soon as we entered the lodge) were also very helpful with planning out the details of our trip, and unlike other places we’ve gone (indeed, even within the Philippines), we felt absolutely no pressure to book an expensive tour. All the options were laid out for us and we just had to pick and choose what we liked. Even before we arrived, through emails we were able to arrange for a pickup at the airport with no hassles whatsoever. I suppose it’s possible that we could have gotten cheaper tuk-tuk rides and stuff, but the efficiency and comfort of having the hotel set everything up for us was greatly appreciated, and their tuk-tuk drivers were very friendly as well. The staff always went the extra mile, such as when they found out that our flight was early in the morning. They said that since we wouldn’t be able to have the buffet breakfast, they’d pack some for us, without us even having to request it!

They have a very nice little pool and sunbathing area as well, with some faux ruins to highlight the “angkor” mood. It’s a shame we’d forgotten to bring bathing suits and didn’t have much time in siem reap, as the pool looked very clean and inviting.

The rooms were as we saw them in the hotel website. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to take our word that they were clean and the bathrooms were pretty large too. With an enlarged area that my girlfriend loved because it let her arrange her clothes and toiletries just the way she wanted it.

There are a few things keeping me from giving them 5 stars, one of which is the incredibly bumpy road leading to the lodge. While this is hardly their fault, it does still detract from the lodge somewhat. Mr.Sophea, our Tuk-tuk driver to angkor wat, joked that we were getting a free massage. While the humor wasn’t lost on us, we certainly could have done without the road. There was a bit of a leak in the bathroom and I had a few minutes figuring out how to work the shower heater, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I wasn’t too keen on their pillows either, but really I’m just a fussy sleeper, and in the end I got enough sleep anyway.

I highly recommend the Lotus Lodge for families, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and maybe older people as well. If my parents ever think of going to Siem Reap I would definitely recommend the Lotus lodge to them, especially since for $35 you get free buffet breakfasts and a free trip to the night market (for deluxe rooms I believe).

For reference, Lotus Lodge’s aircon rooms were $35 a night, inclusive of airport pickup, buffet breakfasts, and a free shuttle ride to the night market.  Also, if you buy your tickets to the Angkor Museum afrom them, you get a $2 discount.


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