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Blogging from KL with 9/10ths of my fingers

by on November 12, 2008

We’re in KL now, having just arrived and waiting till 2PM to check in at the Tune Hotel in KL.  They’re a bit nazi-ish with the check-in time, but considering the prices they offer I’ll let it go.  One thing you must all remember when checking into a tune hotel is that they have ceiling fans that are dangerously close to the ground.  Two days ago I stretched up to take off my shirt after arriving in KL (we had to spend the night before flying to Cambodia) and the fan damn near cut my finger off.  By a strange twist of fate, we ran into a  Polish doctor who happened to be on our flight to KL and who was also staying in Tune Hotel, and he offered to bandage my finger up.  I’ve yet to take off the bandages, but since I’m not experiencing excruciating pain I figure he must have done a good job.


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  1. Naku! That is also my concern when I first entered the room, why is the ceiling fan just a few feet above my head. And it also sways whenever you turn it on that is why we just don’t use it instead settled for the aircon. I hope everything is ok now with your finger.

    By the way, is the Tune Hotel in Kota Kinabalu better than the one in KL? I plan to book there when we go to KK next year, my only concern is it is far from the city center where we use to stay whenever we are there in KK.

  2. Hi Carlo. Yeah my figner still works, though its still healing and will never be as pretty as it once was.

    The Tune Hotel in KK is marginally better than the KL one. It’s at least a bit more high tech, with LCD TVs and a digital LCD screen that tells you how many hours you have left on your airconditioning, unlike in KL where there’s apparently “no way” to find out how many hours you have left. The facilities are about the same though.

    It’s far from the city but there is a free city shuttle from One Borneo to the city center, and ideally it will take you back as well, though we’ve only ever ridden the shuttle into the city and not back to the hotel.

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