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Shanghai Engrish

by on October 31, 2008

We’re back from Shanghai and we come bearing Engrish!

“Be, careful of slip”

“International Peace Motornity & infant Health Institule”

“Inca Chips Ethnican Flavor”

Park rules:
“…visitors are expected not to urinate or shit…”
“…fund-raising of any nature is inexpedient…”
“…activities of feudalistic and superstitious nature… are prohibited…”

“In ancient China sheep meant lucky, the jade piece with hole was symbolized vagina orifice, so this ring was in sex worship meaning.”

“A horse was in sex exciting”

“In slave and feudal society, women were ruled and oppressed by men, acted as tools for men to satisfy their sexual demands, to give birth to children, and to do all the homework.”

“A naked evil pulled the old fish man into the river, it meant that the man embarked on the road of degeneration and crime due to all guilty of women.”

“Most Enjoy Least Annoy”

“Scencry-enjoying in Spring at Zhaofeng Garden”

“Give you infinite splendid”

“Crb pink and small basket from southing”

“Dumpling filled weth the ovary and digestive glands of a crab and Nan Xiang”

“Shanghai designated tourist distributed restaurant”

“Shop dispcaying and seuing new products”

“Caution the step”

“Place of settling trolley”

In the middle: “Man/Woman Sex Joy Oil”
On the right: “Wash the Liquid”


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