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Cebu Pacific’s customer service is great!

by on October 22, 2008

I’m not one for unnecessary exagerration or praise, but I was very pleased with Cebu Pacific’s customer service this morning.  See, Aissa and I were suppposed to travel with my parents to Shanghai this Friday, but my dad’s come down with a strange cough that just refuses to go away.  Given his age, we all decided it was best that he and my mother postpone their trip while Aissa and I go ahead.

So I called Cebu Pacific to ask if they could arrange for that, and how much the fees would be, and I was fully prepared for them to make it difficult for me.  Well wouldn’t you know, it’s as easy as pie to rebook, and they even said that if my father could provide a medical certificate and the doctor or hospital’s PRC (Physician Registration…coupon?) that they would waive the rebooking fees.

I’ve already received the new ticket in my email, and I’m immensely pleased that it was such a painless process.  I did have to wait about 15 minutes to get to a call center agent, but that’s kind of a given these days.  So if you need to make any rebookings due to sudden illnesses, don’t hesitate to call Cebu Pacific at 7020-888. Tip: Once the automated messages starts rattling off the numbers to dial for specific customer needs, just dial 5 for rebooking.

Oh, and they have another sale…500 all in for domestic flgihts and 500++ for international flights! I’m sorely tempted to book an Osaka trip for March 2009.


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  1. Nice feedback! While I still doubt the effectivity of Cebu Pacific’s call center, these are the cases where the service provider has to consider well their “penalties” on unavoidable circumstances. Good job Cebu Pac (despite you breaking my tripod). Hahaha.

  2. joanna permalink

    Well it is a good thing you had a ‘good feedback’ my experience was horrible..I booked the shanghai flight early this yr (around march) when they had this promo…went their Thursday (oct 23) because it is what my ticket states…not knowing the flight was cancelled because there were no flights going to shanghai that day. I asked why they didn’t inform me..they told me according to their machine I WAS INFORMED. but the machine reflected – “unable to reach in both my home and office number” (i checked how many times they tried to inform me.. MY GOODNESS – only ONCE!! ) and i told them why they didn’t email me? They told me they did. I daily checked my email…and i didn’t receive anything. Plus they should not say I WAS ADVICED/INFORMED when I was standing there waiting for my trip to push through..I was all dressed up for my trip to shanghai, if i read the email i will not go there all dressed up excited for my trip!…My booking in my Shanghai Hotel wasn’t cancelled. I still paid for the one night I missed. I hate them..they are so unreliable…

  3. Joanna – We were on the same flight then. We were also supposed to fly out on the 23rd, but we were informed that the flight was canceled and we flew out on the 24th instead. We were informed of the change in schedule via the e-mail address we used to book our tickets.

    I called Cebu Pacific after we got the notice, because the change in sked meant that our trip would be cut short by one day. I asked them to change our departure date from Shanghai, and they did without giving me any grief about it.

    There was another time our flight schedule changed by twenty minutes and I was informed both via e-mail and my mobile phone.

    We’ve been flying Cebu Pacific regularly (almost every month) this past year and our experience has been great thus far.

    It’s awful that you were inconvenienced and I would likewise be upset, but a glitch like that does not automatically make Cebu Pacific a bad airline. There’s certainly room for improvement, but I feel that on the whole their track record really has not been bad at all. They do offer great deals and give people more opportunities to travel, and while they aren’t perfect these glitches are by far the exception rather than the rule.

    I always make it a point to call the airline to confirm my flight details a few days before my departure just to make sure everything is in order. Maybe you can start doing that to make sure changes in schedule don’t take you by surprise.

  4. Hi joanna,

    First off, thanks for visiting the blog, and my condolences for your experience. To be honest, I’d probably be as mad as you if that had happened to me, but either we’ve been extremely lucky or you were just extremely unlucky with Cebu Pacific.

    I know it’s small comfort, but sometimes with these budget airlines you just have to take the good with the bad. As for us, Cebu Pacific has been the gateway to places like Hanoi, Shanghai, and numerous domestic destinations, so we really can’t say a bad thing about them. 🙂

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