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ZestAir has arrived

by on October 19, 2008

Or has it?

Zesto is too powerful a name to tack on to anything that isn’t juice or drink related.  For example, Zesto Cola is pushing the limits of the brand, but if they came up with Zesty chips I don’t think I’d ever eat them, unless they’re fruits flavored chips or something.  Zestair just sounds like a flying juice carton.

Aside from a (in my opinion) ridiculous name for an airline, their ads showcasing thair all in domestic routes are staggeringly confusing.  While most ads have an asterisk or two denoting fine print, Zestair has 2 -3 asterisks in two colors to tell you when exactly certain flights are available.  It’s great to see a new airline joing the fold and pick up the pieces of Asian Spirit, but damn they’re just going about it the wrong way.

One bright note for any Marinduquenos out there is the resumption of flights to marinduque, which I only noticed because my father took note of it.  Before, you had to ride a ferry to Marinduque, which while it may be interesting, is certainly not the most efficient way to get somewhere.

I wish Zestair the best of luck, but they’ve got a lot of turbulence ahead of them.  Oh look, I made a funny.


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  1. Do you know the story? I didn’t even know Asian Spirit closed.

  2. I don’t know the details, but Asian Spirit’s been in trouble for a while it seems.

    If you try to log on to it looks like a Zestair rebrand of the old Asian Spirit website.

  3. Do you know the story? I didn’t even know Asian Spirit closed.

    Actually, it’s not closed. Juice magnate, yes it is Zesto, Alfredo Yao bought the loosing Asian Spirit. Now, being the new owner, he can change its name at his will.

  4. ZestAir’s new name doesn’t change it’s poor service. I’ve had really bad experience with both Zest Air and Asian Spirit. Now they have a crashed plane just waiting in Boracay for you!

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