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Hof Gorei Resort Davao

by on October 13, 2008

So around March this year Aissa and  went to Samal and stayed at the Hof Gorei resort.  The usual Samal place to stay is Pearl Farm, but since Pearl Fam was a bit ouside our budget and we’re always interested in trying lesser known places, we opted for Hof Gorei.  Their staff was very quick to answer our email questions, and since their packages included transfers to and from the airport, we figured it was a good deal, and it really was.

First off, their service was excellent.  You know how I know their service was excellent?  We were supposed to be accompanied by one of their employees on the way home, a man who we shall call Rico.   Rico wasn’t there when we arrived at the port, so we walked towards the road to haila  cab for the airport.  A week later, Aissa and I received an email from the owner of Hof Gorei apologizing profusely for our not having an escort on the way back to the airport.  Apparently Rico had gotten himself hit by a car while on the way to meet us, and was rushed to the hospital.

Take a moment to let that sink in.  The owner was apologizing for not having serviced us because her employee had been hit by a car.  It wasn’t that she didn’t value her employees, in fact she told us that she insisted he stay in the hospital and recuperate despite his wanting to get back to work.  It just shows how dedicated they are to making sure their guests are taken care of.  She even sent Aissa a pretty Sarong to apologize for something that really was not her fault in any way.  That’s how much they care about their guests.  The food was excellent as well, and the accomodations very good value for money.  They even have a mini zoo that features exotic flora and fauna, which I suggested to the owner should have signs so that guests would know what they’re looking at.

However, there’s a catch, and it may be a bit of a deal breaker for some: The beach is a bit rocky.  As in you have to put sandals on if you want frolick in the beach.  This was a bit disappointing to us but we learned to live with it, and they also have a pool that you can take advantage of if the beach isn’t your thing.  I emailed the owner about it and she said that they would try their best to remove the larger rocks from the beach.

So there you have it, excellent value and service, but a subpar beach.  I believe they also do diving expeditions so if that’s your kind of thing you can consider them as well.  You can find hof gorei’s website here and our pictures here.  Don’t hesitate to email them if you have any questions.  They’re only too eager to reply!


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