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Journey to Osaka via Cebu Pacific

by on October 9, 2008

So this is pretty old news by now, but I just thought I’d mention that if you ever wanted to go to Osaka, you might want to take Cebu Pacific up on their offer.  Aissa and I went to Hanoi a few months ago, and on the way back I noticed that the plane was only half full.  I wondered whether or not that would have an impact on their flights to Hanoi, and a few months later, I found out that they’d closed the route, with little fanfare.  This new, exploratory route to Osaka may be the cheapest way to see Japan, and it may be open for a limited period, so if you ever had a hankering to visit the land of the Rising Sun, I’d say now’s the time.

There’s also the bonus that since Japan is one of the leading countries in high speed rail systems, a trip to Tokyo via the Shinkansen takes roughly 3 hours, and Japan’s old capital, Kyoto, can be reached in less than an hour.  So a trip to Osaka can in effect be a trip to see a huge chunk of Japan!  If Aissa and I hadn’t already booked our tickets to Bangkok, you can bet your ass we’d be going to Osaka in December.

  1. Considering income generated from those trips, they might as well cut the route. I think Cebu Pacific is after the volume of passengers and would rather stay with high passenger volume routes.

  2. Which is why we’re suggesting people take advantage of this route while it’s open. While we enjoyed ourselves immensely in Hanoi and are sad to see the route close down, we do understand that Cebu Pacific needs to maintain routes that are profitable to them.

    Hopefully the sheer number of Japano-philes in the Philippines will be enough for Cube Pacific to maintain this route, since I do want to visit Japan one day, and this is the lowest rate I’ve seen so far.

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