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Cebu Pacific 1 peso fares to Tugegarao, San Juan, and Naga (May 21-27, 2008)

by on May 22, 2008

Cebu Pacific’s got some new destinations for you, and they’re celebrating with a sale! Their new ATR aircraft will take you to Tuguegarao, San Juan, and Naga city for 1 peso (plus fuel tax etc. roughly 2.5 to 3k for a return trip). They’ve also got 88 peso fares to local destinations in case these three cities just don’t do it for you. To read more about this click here and to book your flights just click the graphic above!

  1. snappyrivera permalink

    Need help! I would like to book my Boracay flight online but i have never tried E-ticket before. My trip will be in October but i want to make all flight arrangements as early as now. How do i go about it? Just print out transaction and e-ticket from computer and bring the paper work to the domestic airport? And how do i confirm the flights schedule come October? Please advice….Thanks!

  2. Hi snappy, its really very easy. I personally print out the entire ticket (and make copies) then bring it to the airport, but in truth all you really need is the reference number. But yeah printing out the transaction /e-ticket makes me feel much safer.

    As for checking the schedule I’ve never really done that and for the most part cebu pacific has never let me down. The worst was a flight delayed 15-30 minutes, which to tell the truth isn’t all that bad. You can call Cebu Pacific to inquire about the schedule as well. Manila at (+632) 7020888 or in Cebu at (+6332) 2308888

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