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Air Asia seat sale (May14-16)

by on May 14, 2008

It’s been a while since Air Asia’s last seat sale, but they’re back with a two day sale for International trips from January 12 2009 to April 30 2009.  You’re gonna have to plan ahead a little bit folks, but I’m sure it’ll be well worth your money.  As usual Kuala Lumpur is your gateway to all these cities, as its Air Asia’s base.  But once you’re there you can go to places like Hanoi or Vientiene, or even all the way to the gold coast in Australia!

One cool thing that Air Asia’s done is come up with a little spreadsheet that tells you if free seats are readily available, limited, or taken in any given month.  This makes it a LOT easier to search for the free seats, since you no longer have to keep clicking “next day” over and over again hoping for a free seat on a particular date.  Just to get you started, a return trip from Clark to KL and back will cost you roughly 3125 pesos.


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  1. Starry permalink

    fyi Ryan i read that Malaysia Airlines is about to release their ASEAN-wide low low fares tickets like the one they launched in Malaysia where they offered 1million zero fares tickets. passengers only pay for fuel surcharges etc. more value offers! fab!

  2. LennyNet permalink

    If I read correctly, the MAS ASEAN low fares also includes some China destinations. What’s the catch tho?
    On these tickets do passengers get lower bagage limits?

  3. Rafikirain permalink

    Actually 3 conditions:
    must book online, buy 30 days before the actual flight and flight dates are not changeable.
    No catch I think. Baggage is still the usual 20kg, still get to choose seats and NOT have to pay for food and water like airasia. Still getting the full deal, is that great or what? ;D

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