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Cheap Travel Guides at the Powerbooks Sale for Powercard Holders

by on April 27, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, Powerbooks is giving Powercard holders up to 80% discounts from April 25 to May 5.

Ry and I checked out the branch at Mega Mall last Friday under the pretense of buying travel guides. Well, we really were there for the travel guides, but those are the only books we’re allowed to buy, because we’re both guilty of buying more books than we can ever read.

The travel guide selection wasn’t very big and the books were mostly for North America and Europe. We were hoping to find books for our Hong Kong, Macau, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Angkor Wat trips but I guess those are more common travel destinations because those books weren’t on sale.

I picked up a few books (sci-fi/fantasy) but put them back at the last minute because the sale prices weren’t that great. After buying a stack of hardbound books for 99 pesos each at the last sale, it was hard to get excited over a hundred bucks or so knocked off the original price. Ry bought three comic books for “under a thousand pesos” (exactly Php 999).

I checked out the sale at Powerbooks in Alabang Town Center today and found that their overall selection was much better than the one at Powerbooks Mega Mall. The selection of travel guides was more or less the same, but my great find of the day was the Lonely Planet Guide to Hong Kong and Macau. Two destinations in one book at 50% off (Php 485)! Score! Ry and I have been buying books in the Insight Compact Guide series, and as much as the obsessive compulsive in me would prefer that all our travel books matched, I couldn’t turn down this deal.

Hectic as our travel sked is this year, I found myself wishing that we were going to even more places just so I could justify the purchase of more cheap travel guides. If you’re looking for travel guides, or just books in general, be sure to check out the big sale. (If you don’t have a Powercard it’s easy enough to apply for one.)


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