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Wanderous has Flickr

by on April 22, 2008

Well, sort of.  I basically uploaded all of our Hanoi pictures to my current Flickr account, and had them display on the sidebar.  The catch is that the free Flickr account only allows for 200 pictures to be shown.  Anything more would require a paid account, which costs $24.95.

I’ve been using photobucket for most of my storage, since it offers up to 4GB of free space, and it’s hard to move from that model to the paid one that Flickr ascribes to.  However, photobucket’s uploading user interface is so clunky that I’m almost tempted to reach for my wallet and just buy a one year account with Flickr.  Problem is we’re not getting paid for this, so I really don’t want to attach more cost to what is ostensibly a hobby travel blog.  Unless someone wants to gift us with a paid Flickr account, I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for 200 of our most recent photos.


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  1. Ganda ng Vietnam pix nyo! I’m now having a countdown for our Hanoi trip… By the way, I sent an email coz I just have a few queries on Hanoi, just answer it on your free time. THANKS!

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