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Hanoi Stress

by on April 16, 2008

Hanoi Holiday Hotel has suspiciously not been answering my email after I sent them our flight details. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but the fact that they’re not replying to my confirmation emails has me worried. Our Hanoi guidebook came with a $15 card for use in, and I’m considering using it, but I’m a little cautious as it seems that many budget hotels in Vietnam don’t yet seem to grasp the idea that you can book their hotel from a different website, never mind the fact that they must have signed some sort of agreement with the website to allow them to offer rooms.

I’m plagued by nightmare situations of sleeping in dimly lit, mouldy rooms at a hotel I never agreed to stay in. This would be less of an issue if we were arriving at a normal time, but the idea of arriving in Hanoi at 12:45 am and not knowing what hotel to worries me immensely.

Update: I called Hanoi Holiday, and we’re good to go. I lost five years of my life in the process, but at least all looks well now.


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  1. Hope you enjoy your Hanoi trip… Well, like you I have the same problem with hotels in Vietnam. They seemed not that serious in the process called “reservation.” I had problems with my booking even at a 5-star hotel in Saigon the last time I went there.

    I will be very interested in your hotel reviews after your trip as I’m having second thoughts on the $19 room at Hanoi Holiday at

  2. I would STRONGLY suggest that when booking a budget hotel in hanoi to contact them directly. I’m reading a lot of reviews where people booked on these aggregate sites and the hotel either refused to acknowledge or jsut flat out didn’t understand the process. I get the feeling that some of these smaller hotels don’t realize that these sites allow people to book their hotel, which explains why a lot of people arrive at their hotels only to be told that they’re fully booked.

    So I would seriously suggest you email or call them directly instead of booking through agoda, unless it’s a 4 or 5 star hotel.

    Wish us luck, we’re leaving tonight.

  3. How much did you get for a room at Hanoi Holiday? I hope you don’t mind asking them the price for 4 nights staring May 8.

    We might be in luck as April-June are lean season to travel in Hanoi.

    Have a great time in Vietnam!

  4. I believe we got it for $20 a night. I’m going to be flexible though, because I’ve hear they have a way of adding extra fees all of a sudden.

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