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Fuel surcharges to increase, get your tickets pronto

by on April 15, 2008

The rapid rise of oil prices has become commonly associated with the rise of pump prices in gasoline stations and the rise of jeepney fares. Unfortunately, Airlines are also hit by this price increase, and they’re now pushing for an increase in the fuel surcharges by at least 10% for all domestic flights:

Philippine Airlines (PAL) and other carriers have asked the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) for an increase in their fuel surcharges.

PAL made a request last March 25 for an increase of as much as 10 percent for domestic flights.

The CAB will hear PAL’s petition on April 18.

PAL said its Luzon-Visayas routes should be increased from P930 to P1,130; Luzon-Mindanao, P1,180 to P1,380, Visayas-Mindanao, P900 to P1,110; within Luzon, P780 to P880; within Visayas, P650 to P750; and within Mindanao, P650 to P1,100.

Cebu Pacific submitted its petition last April for an increase of from six percent to 10 percent.

CAB will hear Cebu Pacific’s petition on May 10.

Cebu Pacific said its Luzon-Mindanao route should be increased from P1,300 to P1,400; Luzon Visayas, P1,070 to P1,170; within Luzon, P750 to P800; within Mindanao, P1,000 to P1,100; Visayas-Mindanao, P1,000 to P1,100.

Twenty-five foreign air carriers comprising the Airline Operation Council and five other carriers have filed a similar petition for fuel surcharge increases.

Now before you start raising a ruckus, understand that fuel is expensive, and that frankly speaking airlines are pretty conservative when it comes to raising their fuel surcharges. Still, if you’re looking to travel this year, it might be worthwhile to plan ahead and save some money.

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