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Philippine Airlines’ $88 promo to Chongqing, Chengdu, or Jakarta (good till November 30,2008)

by on April 6, 2008

Philippine airlines offers promotional $88 fares to Chonging, Chengdu, or Jakarta from April 5 to November 30, 2008. That’s roughly 7216 pesos for a return trip, minus taxes and fuel surcharges (variable but roughly around 5000 pesos).

That’s a pretty good deal, but there are more interesting deals out there, like Philippine Airlines own “Fly Asia all you can” promo, where when you buy a domestic Mabuhay class ticket, you get a free international Economy class ticket to your choice Asian destination. A domestic Mabuhay class flight to Cebu costs roughly 11-12k, so when you factor in the free ticket to an Asian destination it’s really a much better deal.

Also, if you’re considering flying to Jakarta, Cebu Pacific’s Go fares to Jakarta cost 9464 pesos all in, so you’d end up spending less than with Philippine Airlines’ promo.

To book a flight with Philippine Airlines, call PAL Reservations in Manila: (02) 855-8888, Cebu: (032) 340-0191, Davao: (082) 222-0366 or your local travel agent.

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