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Wanderous Travel Tip No. 2: Don’t Travel with Onions

by on April 4, 2008

I got a little carried away with the food for our Samal trip last weekend. I decided I wanted to go deli, so I brought ham, pastrami, German sausage, a loaf of wheat bread (because I like to tell myself that wheat cancels out all the other bad things I’m eating), sandwich paraphernalia (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, condiments), assorted cheese wedges and crackers. I was also planning to bring grapes and strawberries to eat with the cheese, and mango and melon slices wrapped in thinly-sliced jamon Serrano, but Ry told me I was going overboard and anyway there wasn’t any space left in our tiny little cooler.

The cooler is just big enough to store a six-pack of beer, small enough to stuff into Ry’s backpack. I made sure everything was dry and tightly sealed and I didn’t think we’d have any problems, but when we opened the bag at the Davao airport we were greeted by the overpowering aroma of onion. We wrapped the cooler in a big fluffy towel which thankfully isolated the smell from everything else, but it still felt like we were lugging around a ticking time bomb.

I feel a bit silly writing about not traveling with onions, because most people with sense would not even attempt it. It’s like telling you, “Don’t stick a fork in the electrical socket!” or “Don’t provoke the drunk with an ice pick!” It’s such an obviously bad idea and I don’t know why I didn’t realize that in the first place. I am sufficiently chastised.


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  1. I’d like to add a story about my worst time ever passing thru customs, in Amsterdam. My tightwad ex-husband didn’t want to leave behind a huge uneaten grapefruit, and stuck it in MY suitcase! At customs they asked if we had any fruit or vegetables, and I said no. When they opened up my suitcase the customs agent was incredibly satisfied to find the HUGE grapefruit, right on top! He quickly seized the contraband, and closed the suitcase. (There could have been ANYTHING underneath!!!) Moral of this story: you know those announcements at the airports where they warn you to watch your luggage? They’re not just warning you about strangers!

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