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Philippine Airlines’ Fly Asia all you can promo for 2008 (sale period March 28 – April 11)

by on March 29, 2008

I will rather conveniently forward you to kegler747, who’s got info on Philippine Airlines’ latest promo that gets you free economy tickets to certain international destinations with the purchase of a business class ticket. I’m sure they think it’s a good idea, but i’d like to hear you explain to your significant other why you’re riding business class and she’s riding economy.

Update: OK it all makes a bit more sense now, in that if you purchase a business class ticket to a domestic destination, you get a free economy ticket to an asian destination. I haven’t done the numbers on it yet, but this might just be a better deal than I initially thought it was. If you want to take advantage of this deal you’d better hurry since it ends on April 11.

Clickety click here.

  1. Hi..

    How we can get a new rates for palakbayan?

  2. Hi arlynne. You can go to our PALakbayan posts and download them there.

  3. yuuga permalink

    r u sure the fare to jakarta from manila its only 88?
    where can i buy the ticket with those price?

  4. You could have bought it from any PAL office up until April 2008. Hehe sorry but you’re a bit late to this post.

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