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Wanderous Travel Tip No. 1: Pick the Exit Rows

by on March 28, 2008

Hey guys, I’m introducing a new segment in wanderous, where we basically offer you travel advice that we and others have picked up along the way. Some of you may already know these things, but stick around and you just might find out something new one of these days.

Our first travel tip is something that we stumbled upon by chance, and that is the fact that in Cebu Pacific planes, the exit rows offer more legroom than regular seats. Now before all of you start yelling that this is old news, just stay cool. We had no idea about this and we’re guessing that plenty of people are in the same boat as us. We all assume the front rows are the first to rows be taken, but not everyone knows that the exit rows offer more legroom, specifically because if there is an emergency, people are going to be heading there to escape the craft. Of course this comes with some responsibility, as you’ll be relied upon to open the doors if an emergency does arise, but we’re banking on the fact that you won’t have to play th hero any time soon.

The difference in legroom is enormous, especially if you’re my size (6’2 with mile long legs) and on a 2-4 hour flight. It’s not as huge a deal when flying domestic, since you’ll be in the air for an hour or so tops. Cebu Pacific is the only airline we’ve taken that allows you to pick your seat upon check in. Other airlines like Air Asia and Tiger Airways have zeroed in on this and charge more money for you to be able to choose your seats, or in fact just to be able to have the luxury of boarding first. Hopefully Cebu Pacific doesn’t fall prey to this rather dubious tactic, but in the meantime this gives you a whole new incentive to getting to the airport early.


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  1. I also choose the exit row seats if im flying less than 2 hrs. or during day flights, beyond that I don’t anymore prefer them because you can’t recline those seats.

  2. Same as on Southwest Airlines! I found out that out by chance too. Not that I need extra leg room… I just like it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hey, I have a little request for you guys. I’m sorta kinda planning to have a wedding here in Los Angeles on October 4 this year, and of course, I’m inviting a lot of people from Manila. So I was wondering if I could ask you guys to do some travel research for me. Like let me know the cheapest agencies or airlines that I could refer my guests to. Or if I could get discounts from any of them if I book a group of people. Something like that. I’d really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hmmm…let me think about the trade-off. Good to know one has choices.

  4. Frankly I don’t like the idea of reclining so much because I feel bad for the person behind me. I know this doesn’t make sense because other people don’t give two shits about that but yeah I feel bad. So I’d rather have more legroom.

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