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EastWest Bank’s Asian Spirit credit card

by on March 24, 2008

Along with Unionbank’s SEAIR Visa, EastWest bank’s Asian Spirit mastercard is one of the best credit cards for frequent travelers for the sole reason that it offers a full 20% discount on all regular and promotional fares. I’m a simple man with a simple mind that can’t comprehend complex (or basic math), so the idea of a straight up 20% discount is more alluring than you can imagine. Aside from that you also have access to whatever promos or deals any EastWest credit card holder is entitled to, along with a host of other benefits and features:

Worldwide Acceptance
Accepted in more than 29 million establishments worldwide and in over 300 countries wherever MasterCard payments are accepted.
20% DISCOUNT on Regular and Promo Fares
Enjoy instant 20% DISCOUNT on all domestic regular or promo fares at any Asian Spirit ticket office nationwide and reservations hotline at (632) 855-3333.
Exclusive Offer on Super Saver Fares
Enjoy NO seat quota restriction on Super Saver Fares so you get the lowest fare possible whenever available.
LOW Monthly Revolving Interest Rates
Only 2.5% for basic purchases from supermarkets, drugstores and gasoline stations and 3.0% for others or non-basic purchases.
Priority Check-in
Enjoy VIP treatment at any Asian Spirit check-in counters nationwide.
Lightest Monthly Payment
You only need to pay the minimum amount due on your payment due date which is only equivalent to 3.5% of your total outstanding balance or P200, whichever is higher.
Longest Credit Terms
Enjoy up to maximum of 54 days credit from the transaction date to payment due date at 0% interest if previous outstanding balance is paid in full.
Travel Essential Rewards Program
Every P50 charge earns 1 Rewards point to redeem FREE travel accessories and special Asian Spirit travel packages.
Perks and Privileges
Enjoy exclusive discounts and perks from partner resorts and establishments in Boracay and other vacation destinations.
Flexible Membership Fee Payment Option
Choose how you want to pay for your membership fee – annually, quarterly or monthly. Membership fee equivalent to 1 year of your first year as a cardholder is FREE.
High Cash Advance Limit
Get cash up to 50% of your credit limit at any EastWest Bank ATM or branch or from over 900,000 ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard logo.
Balance Transfer
Transfer your balances from other high interest credit cards at low monthly add-on rates for 12, 18 or 24 months.
Supplementary Cards
Share your spending privilege and benefits with up to 9 of your family members. Their first year annual membership fee is also FREE! To apply for additional Supplementary cards, use the Supplementary Card Application Form (PDF).
Peso Billing and Payments
All your overseas purchases are automatically converted to Philippine pesos for your convenience.

For more information and to apply for an EastWest bank Asian Spirit credit card, just click here.


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