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Philippine Balloon Fiesta Part 4: Conclusion

by on March 23, 2008

While the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta isn’t something you have to go to every single year, it’s definitely something to try out at least once. I believe there are buses that go to Clark, but in this case we took my battered Honda Civic to Clark, and it was a smooth ride the whole way. The North Expressway is definitely well worth the toll you pay (164 pesos from Balintawak to Angeles exit), as it’s well maintained with nary a pothole in sight. Since I was driving all the way there we chose to stay overnight, as I didn’t really fancy having to get up at 4 in the morning to drive to clark then drive all the way back in the evening. If you’re a hardier specimen than I am, or if you have friends who are willing to share the driving load then it probably would be a good idea to take a day trip to Clark in order to minimize expenses.

Clark doesn’t really offer that much for those that aren’t into the “nightlife”, but a curious by-product of all the Europeans and Americans that settled there is the abundance of restaurants offering authentic European Cuisine, like the Blackjack Restaurant at the Swiss Chalet that offers sausages and cuisine on par with restaurants like Schwarzwalder but at less than half the price. Even if you just do a day trip, we highly recommend having lunch there. Actually lunch is probaby a better time to eat there, as the music in the restaurant won’t be puncuated by the high pitched laughter of GROs. Hotels are plentiful and cheap if you do decide to stay overnight, and one of these days we’ll put up a lost of all the hotels we scoped out, similar to the Boracay list. Always remember to find a hotel that’s well away from the night clubs, or to stop by mercury to purchase a good set of earplugs.

All in all, this was probably our cheapest trip so far:

Gas: 600

Toll: 164 Pesos x 2 = 328

1 night stay at Swiss Chalet: 1480

Tickets to Balloon Fest: 100 x 2 days x 2 people = 400

Food and assorted expenses: 1000 pesos

Total: 3808 or 1604 per person

Part 1: Swiss Chalet, Part 2 : Balloons! Well, kind of., Part 3: Pet-watching, Part 4 : Conclusion


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