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Philippine Balloon Fiesta Part 3: Pet-watching

by on March 22, 2008

And we’re back to the Balloon Fest. Sorry for the delay folks, but a few time sensitive posts bumped back the Balloon Fiesta material a few days. Now that Holy Week’s pretty much over, it’s back to regular programming.

If the wallaby on Ry’s Travel to Darwin post made you go “Awww!” this post is for you. We’re all about cuteness here on Wanderous. Without further ado, I present you with even more squish-worthy creatures:


That grumpy beagle was our favorite of them all. “Beagle iz tired. We are go home nao?”


If you can put puppies in strollers you can put children on leashes when taking them out for a walk. This kid doesn’t seem to mind at all. (Already you can tell that we’re going to be wonderful parents.)

Part 1: Swiss Chalet, Part 2 : Balloons! Well, kind of., Part 3: Pet-watching, Part 4: Conclusion


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