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Negros Navigation offers 999 peso trips to Boracay

by on March 18, 2008

In case you weren’t able to get flights, are trying to cut down on expenses, or just really REALLY want to ride a ship (no shame in that, I’ve always wanted to travel by ship too) Negros Navigation offers trips to Boracay for 999 inclusive of VAT and surcharge(sic). A quick perusal of their website reveals several other promos which along with endorsers Ella V and Franzen just confused (and scared) the hell out of me. Still, it really is a good deal, and all things considered you’ll come out spending a lot less than you would with a plane ticket. I’ve heard it takes roughly 12 hours to get to Boracay from Manila by boat, so you might want to take that into consideration. This blogger didn’t enjoy his trip, but I think that was mostly because he rode economy and was too much in a hurry. If you’re gonna be traveling by boat, you ought to be prepared for a long haul trip by bringing a book, a gaming device, or teaching yourself to fall asleep at will like Aissa.

For more information, call Negros Navigation at 245-5588/244-0408/242-3287/243-5231

One thing that caught my attention was that in their regular rates, there was the slightest difference between their Economy rates and their Business class rates. The price difference ranges from about a 1000 to 500 pesos difference, but the difference in accomodations is staggeringly different, and I’m sure that the better class quarters would make for a better trip. I’m not sure if they have promo rates for their higher class quarters, but it’s worth the effort ot ask them.


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  1. Well, if you can’t sleep there’s always the onboard entertainment: Dating games and love advice from “Professor Love ‘D Jowa Expert”!

    “Magliwaliw sa karagatan, biyahe na sa kandungan ng pagmamahal” — With a come on like that, how can anyone resist?

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