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SEAIR’s Buy 2 take 10 boracay promo

by on March 15, 2008

SEAIR’s got a buy 2 take 10 promo for boracay going on, where if you buy 2 tickets for full price you get 10 tickets for free (still gotta pay for taxes, surcharges, etc. though.  According to some blogs:

For a total of P47,644.80 you can have 12 round-trip tickets to Boracay. That’s an average of P3,970.40 per round-trip ticket! Selling period is from March 13 to March 19, 2008 only and travel period is from March 13 to June 15, 2008.

I’m not sure why they’re so excited about it, as 4 grand for a round trip ticket certainly isn’t anything special, and there are definitely cheaper promos out there.  The ad doesn’t mention whether or not these tickets are transferrable, and is woefully short on details apart from the huge BUY 2 TAKE 10 text.  For more information, you can contact SEAIR at  8490100.

  1. This just proves that they are making all the money in the surcharges. Their business model is just crazy. I still will fly with Cebu Pacific.

  2. To be fair, I think Cebu Pacific works with the same model, but they’re just a bit more transparent about it. I do prefer Cebu Pacific myself though.

  3. Only Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer straightforward promos. I prefer though if they publish fares which include all the surcharges and taxes. If Jollibee and McDonald’s do it why can’t airlines.

  4. Well, the catch lines are really very attractive but when you really analyze it is simply that you will get a discount because of bulk purchase of tickets. It will be good for group trips to Boracay. It is worth to check with Seair.Boracay

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