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Philippine airlines’ Easterhopping 88 peso sales

by on March 14, 2008

I hate how Philippine airlines almost completely ignores putting up promos on its website, mainly because I end up having to type this stuff up instead of copy-pasting.

Anyway, it looks like Philippine airlines has an 88 peso seat sale for all its local destinations for the duration of holy week. The Sale is good from March 15-24 2008, and will be good for travel from March 21-24 for flights going out of manila and march 19-22 for flights going into Manila. PAL’s advertising copy strains mightily to show why they’re better than the competition stating that:

  • No need to PAY for your water, newspaper, coffee, juices, and even snacks and blankets while onboard
  • Modern, French-designed, convenient terminal (how convenient for stall owners that it lacks water fountains)
  • Modern fleet of B747 (seriously, you use 747s to fly to local destinations?), A340, A330, A320, and A319 aircraft

When all is said and done, it’s the the price that really matters, and at 88 ++ pesos for a one way trip, This certainly is a good deal that you guys should check out if you haven’t already made plans for this holy week.

For more info and to make reservations call PAL at (02)855-8888 in Manila, (032) 340-0191 in Cebu, and (082) 222-0366 in Davao.

In case they run out of these 88 peso fares, asian spirit has an ongoing 99 peso deal that you can check out.
  1. Chester Coronel permalink

    Yes, they use 747-400 in destinations like Cebu

  2. I know Philippine Airlines uses Boeing 747 in their General Santos flights not because of passenger demand but for the “precious” tuna as cargo. The flight from GenSan coincides with the timings of the flights of PAL to Japan which uses the same aircraft. This is also true to Puerto Princesa flights for the seafood cargo but PAL only uses A330s.

  3. kokoy permalink

    B747s fly regularly to Cebu..

    Occasionally to Davao..

    While A330 and A340 flies to Puerto Princesa, Cebu, GenSan and Davao regularly

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