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Philippine Balloon Fiesta Part 1: Swiss Chalet

by on March 12, 2008

Finding a mid-range hotel in Angeles City is not a problem. Finding one that doesn’t have battalions of scantily clad women as its selling point is a bit trickier. After perusing the hotels on and in the vicinity of Fields Avenue, we finally decided on Swiss Chalet. It was a choice we didn’t regret, especially after driving through the Balibago Entertainment District and seeing that we could’ve done worse. Establishments like Private Dancer, Pick-Up Disco, Brown Sugar and Naughty and Nice Adult Store give you a general idea of the vibe of the place (Ryan: Suddenly, I feel like an idiot for not taking pictures of all this).


Swiss Chalet is a decent hotel. It’s very clean and well-maintained and it passed my bathroom test with flying colors. (I’m really particular about bathrooms. You know how some bathrooms make your skin crawl at the idea of getting naked in them? Rest assured that I will never recommend any place with such a bathroom.) The décor is… I want to say “quaint” but it’s really more like “tacky”. We weren’t crazy about the canopied bed or the “ornate” furnishings. If they’d kept it simple it would’ve been all right, but they tried too hard to keep the Swiss theme going and it just didn’t work out so well. But at the very least they didn’t have bright red satin sheets like some of the other places we checked out, which Ry said he refused to sleep on.


Swiss owner Hans Hoffman is also the chef of the restaurant, which offers a great selection of Swiss and international dishes, as well as Filipino food. The food is excellent and the portions are huge. You know it’s serious when Ry and I can’t finish our food. We had the Paprika Goulash (one of their beef specials), veal sausage, smoked salmon, French onion soup and minestrone which were all delicious. Their breakfast meals also looked amazing but unfortunately we didn’t get to try them. We had breakfast at 6:00 AM on the balloon grounds, though when we got back to Swiss Chalet and saw people digging into giant plates of eggs, hashbrowns, ham and sausage we seriously considered having breakfast twice. Even if I don’t stay at Swiss Chalet the next time I find myself in Angeles City, I will definitely make it a point to eat there again.

The one problem with Swiss Chalet was people were partying till four in the morning and our room was on the first floor next to the restaurant and bar. I could sleep through Armageddon so this didn’t really bother me, but Ry was tossing and turning all night. Which especially sucked for him because we had to be up at five to catch the balloon show and then he had to drive all the way back to Manila. If you decide to stay at Swiss Chalet, make sure to request for a room as far from the restaurant as possible.

Part 1: Swiss Chalet, Part 2 : Balloons! Well, kind of., Part 3: Pet-watching, Part 4 : Conclusion

  1. hahz. u shud have taken some pics 😛

    the hotel looks like it has a distinct feel to it. wanna try it someday. but for the food. hehe, sori, it isn’t exactly my comfort food. 😦 but, of course, what do i have to lose…

  2. Yeah, we’re kicking ourselves now for not taking pictures. But our first instinct wasn’t to bust out the camera, it was to get the hell out of there.

    Swiss Chalet kind of felt like one step away from those theme rooms at Victoria Court, but all things considered I still recommend it.

    Their menu is posted on their website if you want to check it out. If you’re not feeling adventurous with your food there are still lots of “safe” choices.

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