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Don’t know where to stay in Boracay? Here’s a list of resorts for ya.

by on March 10, 2008

You’ll forgive the rather uninspired title I’m sure, as this is a post of utility more than style. My friend Elmer and I always believed that any company that doesn’t have its own website in this day and age sounds shady. We’ve taken that philosophy to heart in wanderous, and applied it to resorts and hotels as well. The thought being that if a resort can’t bother to have a presence on the web in this day and age, with your rates published and pictures of your rooms and amenities, then we won’t feel comfortable staying there. Having a listing on a hotel/resort aggregator counts, but we’re really more comfortable with a resort that has its own website.

Since Boracay is the undisputed number one beach destination this sumer, I thought we’d kick it off with resorts there and follow up with other destinations like bohol and samal in the near future. So without further ado, here’s a short list of boracay resorts with their own websites:

Budget resorts:

Fat Jimmy’s Resort

La Isla Bonita

Melinda’s Garden

Roque’s place

The Orchids Resort

Turtle Inn Resort

Dave’s Straw Hat Inn (Never actually stayed here but I was emailing with them before and they seemed very nice and accommodating. We ultimately spent the vacation elsewhere because my friend knew someone who knew someone who owned a place)

Beachfront resorts

La reserve hotel resort

Paradise bay

Artista boracay resort villa

Boracay peninsula

La plage de boracay

Angol point

Bamboo beach resort

Blue mango inn

Boracay beach chalets

Boracay Beach Resort

Boracay Sandcastles

Chalet Y

Club Manila East

Cocomangas Resort

Hey Jude Resort

Jony’s Beach Resort (contributed by cathy)

La Carmela de Boracay (stayed here for a company outing. It’s a decent and relatively affordable beachfront hotel that’s got some good package deals for big groups)

Mango Ray Resort

Nigi Nigi 2 Beach Resort

Red Coconut

Surfside Resort & Spa

The Sun Village South

Water Colors Dive Resort

White House Resort

Willy’s Beach Club


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  1. i love hey jude. the bar. as for hotels in bora, i prefer something nice, quiet, and within the budget, like jony’s, which is not on the list, but is actually a good place to recommend 😦 if i’m not mistaken their website is

  2. Thanks for dropping by and pointing out Jony’s. I’m gonna add it to the list and eventually come up with a definitive list of boracay resorts!

  3. the pic of that sand castle was the most beautiful photograph ive ever seen. saw it in some blogs, but thats definitely the best one. the details are visible.

  4. Well I can’t take any credit for it, I just got it off google images. So kudos to the guy or gal who took that shot.

  5. Lorraine Z permalink

    Do you think 3 wks is too long of a stay for Boracy Island?

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