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Air Philippines’ holiday packages

by on March 9, 2008

Someone in Air Philippines should be fired for the terrible job they’re doing with their packages (not to mention their website). I was initially planning to do a post similar to the PALakbayan one, where I’d list all of the prices for the different provinces but I got so frustrated trying to figure out their rates that I want to go into a rant first.

So Air Philippines has two different kinds of packages: Holiday and Easy. Holiday entails a 3 days 2 nights setup, while Easy is only an overnight trip (ie 2 days,1 night). If you decide to stay in the L’fisher hotel in Bacolod for an Easy Escapade, it costs only 1667 for twin sharing, which is

Actually you know what, never mind. I’m so frustrated with how poorly their packages are laid out I’m not even gonna try to figure it out. Here’s the list of destinations and prices:

Holiday Escapades (3 days 2 nights, inclusive of airfare and breakfast)

Bacolod -As low as 3016 pesos for twin sharing

Davao – As low as 4656 pesos for twin sharing

Dumaguete – As low as 3585 pesos for twin sharing

IloIlo – As low as 3630 pesos for twin sharing

Puerto Princesa – As low as 3598 pesos for twin sharing

Easy Escapades (overnight stay with breakfast Airfare not included)

Bacolod -As low as 503 pesos for twin sharing

Cebu -As low as 1058 pesos for twin sharing

Davao -As low as 1058 pesos for twin sharing

Dumaguete -As low as 787 pesos for twin sharing

IloIlo -As low as 899 pesos for twin sharing

Puerto Princesa -As low as 794 pesos for twin sharing

I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea for an airline to offer packages that don’t include airfare, but that’s their problem not mine. Like I said, somebody needs to get fired. The layout of their package pdf is also confusing as hell, with fine print in abundance and no sense of thought whatsoever put into it.

That said, there are some interesting (read:cheap) packages in there for the brave soul that dares to try to figure it all out, and they’ve also got packages for the peeps in areas outside of Manila. They also have an extensive Boracay package pdf that merits some attention, but since I’m kind of sick of Boracay (I’ve been there three times, there’s lots of other places to go in the philippines) I didn’t bother looking into it much. Whatever the case may be, here are the pdfs for your downloading pleasure:

Holiday and Easy Escapades.pdf

Boracay Packages.pdf

Update: Looks like they hired someone new to fix their packages up. Everything’s arranged more neatly now on their website.

  1. Well, I have the same sentiments with Air Philippines. Just took a roundtrip flight last month and I was disappointed both ways. What I hate the most is that they cancelled their afternoon flight from CDO to Manila without informing me! Everything is bad… their website, old planes, call center and their service.

  2. Wow, that’s ridiculous. How can they cancel a flight like that? Were you even compensated for it?

  3. It’s a blessing that I called their customer service to inquire how much it would cost for another ticket ‘coz another friend would like to join us. To my disbelief on that particular call they told me that our return flight has been canceled. Pathetic!

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