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Ran out of tickets to Macau? Try Hong Kong

by on March 7, 2008

While planning our trip to Hong Kong and Macau yesterday, I learned that there’s a ferry operation that can take you directly from the Hong Kong airport to Macau in about an hour.  This has numerous uses, one being if you’ve run out of 888 peso tickets to macau, you might consider flying to Hong Kong instead, and taking a ferry to Macau for roughly 650 pesos.  Of course you’d have to calculate if it’s worth the extra effort, but then there’s another advantage that might be more compelling.  All of Cebu Pacific’s Macau flights arrive in Macau at 9:30pm, and depart at 10:15pm.  Cebu Pacific has three Hong Kong flights, which offer more flexibility as they have a flight that arrives in Hongkong at 10:00am and departs at 7:30pm.  This means you get to maximize your time in Macau more than if you’d actually flown directly to Macau itself!

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