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Want to get to London for as low as 36,589 pesos?

by on March 5, 2008

Back in the day, I used to cook up the most ridiculous ways to travel on the cheap. I wondered where I could find people who’d give me diamonds or drugs to smuggle into a foreign land just to pay for my airfare. Thanks to the rise of budget airlines, I no longer have to risk spending a lifetime behind bars or being caned/beheaded just to travel to a distant land. A few months ago a friend told me that he’d heard of an airline that flew to London and Vancouver for a fraction of what regular airlines were charging. That airline was oasis airlines, which is based in Hong Kong and figures directly into our plans for a cheap flight to these rather far off places.

So here’s how we do it. Cebu Pacific has an 888 peso seat sale that goes on till March 9. Let’s book a flight for say, October 1-8. Far enough into the future so that it won’t be difficult to get cheap fares, and long enough for you to work your ass off to aqcuire leaves, cause this is gonna be a long vacation. If you’re gonna go all that way you’ll want to spend at LEAST a week there, if not longer. Make sure to pick the flights that leave Manila at 4:40 and arrive in Hong Kong at 6:40 pm, and for your return trip the flight that leaves HK at 7:30pm and arrives back in Manila at 9:30pm.

Now go to Oasis airlines and book a trip from Hong Kong to London on October 2 and a return flight on October 7. Their flights leave at 12:50 am so if you arrived in HK on time you’ll have 6 hours of time to kill while in Chek Lap Kok International Airport waiting for your connecting flight. There’s a also Cebu Pacific flight that arrives at 9:10pm, which means you’ll have to wait a little less than 4 hours for the connecting flight, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. If it’s any consolation it was voted the world’s best airport in 2007. I wonder how poor old Ninoy Aquino international airport fared? Anyway. Board the flight, tuck yourself in, pop some valium, and find a way to keep yourself busy because you’ll be arriving in London at 6:40 on the same day.

When in London, do as you please. I’d suggest checking out wikitravel or lonely planet to get a good idea of the places to go to. I’d advise you to book a hotel in advance, as its far more convenient and it will turn out cheaper as well. Ok so you’ve spent your week in London getting drunk, visiting Big Ben, and having fish and chips. Now it’s time to go home. You depart london’s Gatwick airport at 8:40pm in the evening on October 7, and arrive in HK at 2:30pm the next day. Sit tight, as your trip to Manila leaves at 7:30pm and you’ll arrive home a9:30pm just in time to tell your friends and loved ones about the wonderful trip you had.

Breakdown of cost:

Manila to HK return trip (via Cebu Pacific)

5017 pesos

HK to London return trip (via Oasis)

31572 pesos


36589 pesos

If you have the time and money, I’d suggest you take the time off and try to visit as much of Europe as possible. From London its possible to take the eurotunnel to France, and from there it’s up to you to decide where you want to go. Just for comparison, the cheapest fare I found on a website for flights using regular airlines was 51118 pesos, or 800 something Euros. That’s 14,529 pesos in savings, which can be used in paying for accomodations or souvenirs to remind you of your trip to London.

Oh, and you could also do the same thing for a trip to Vancouver and end up paying slightly less (flights to Vancouver are cheaper), but if you think I’m gonna plan that for you you’re just crazy.

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