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Philippine Airlines’ Palakbayan packages (April 2008-March 2009)

by on March 3, 2008

Hey guys, it’s PALakbayan time again. I’ve got the new PALakbayan package tours for you to download, but I don’t think you’re gonna be too happy about them. They’re ridiculously more expensive than the packages that came before them, and for no apparent reason. Take for example the Cebu PALakbayan package. Until March 2008 it cost as low as 1620 per person, but with the new rates the cheapest package is 6175. This makes no sense at all to me. Also, while reviewing their timeline of packages, it seems that the closer you get to the end of the promo (in this case March 2008) the cheaper the packages got. I don’t know if that will still hold true this year, but if you’re not dying to go places right now, it might be a good idea to hold off for a while, or check out other alternative for travel.

For those of you who just have to go right now, or for whom money is no object, here are the updated PALakbayan packages:









As you can see, the prices are drastically different from the package promos ending on March 2008. If I were you, I’d try to book a flight ASAP to get the better deals. You can call Philippine Airlines at (632) 855-7777 to get details and make bookings.

  1. Sigh! I’m looking for other options aside from Cebu pacific for a flight going to Boracay during off peak season…

  2. Hmm, you might try air philippines. Their rates are pretty low as well

  3. Maan permalink

    The link is broken it seems for Tagbilaran(bohon) pdf.

  4. >>The link is broken it seems for Tagbilaran(bohon) pdf.

    Oops, sorry about that. it’s been fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Sueanne permalink

    Ask ko lang, isnt it much better to book a separate flight. I was on the PAL website and the roundtrip Bora flight for 2 people is 6,800.00 pesos, plus the daves strawhatt room is 1,400.00 per day, eh di if i just book it on my own i can stay for a week and mas mura. If for 2 days lang, i think the palakbayan package sounds more worth it. Can you give me any advice or feedback on where i can find or get a better boracay package. thanks!

  6. Yeah ganun talaga. Mejo weird nga minsan yung mga PALakbayan promos, mas sulit pa na magbook ka separately.

    I would suggest na magstay ka sa boracay for more than just 2 days, para masulit naman yung stay niyo. Sobrang bitin masyado yung 2 days. 🙂

    You could try checking out Air Philippines’ Boracay packages, although marami na kong narinig na horror stories about Air Philippines so I’m hesitant to fly with them.

  7. You can also try booking with Cebu Pacific. Depending on when you book your flight, you can get flights for as low as 4500 pesos, all na yun including taxes and surcharges.

    I was able to do this sample booking for the weekend of May 23-25, so if you’re interested you can go to their website and book those dates. 🙂

  8. sueanne permalink

    How do i post a picture? Thanks Ryan sa comment mo. I really wana make sulit my stay. Im actually flying in from California. I was there last year pero only went to Baguio and Ilocos and Tagaytay. I super miss the sizzling sisig w/ san miguel beer!

  9. sueanne permalink

    Ryan, What do you recommend more? Boracay or Bohol. Ive been hearing Bohol is a beautiful place and masyado na raw commercialized ang Bora. Whats your take on this?

  10. Well I’m biased against boracay because I’ve been there around 3 times already. It rally depends on what you’re looking for eh.

    At this time of the year both bohol and boracay will be pretty packed, but of course boracay will be bit more crowded.

    I guess if you want somewhere more serene, go for bohol. But if you’ve never been to boracay, you should try boracay!

    And no matter where you go, have some nice, crunchy sisig! Dencio’s and congo grill sisig are my favorite.

  11. sueanne permalink

    Mine too! I love their tuna sisig! Are you from Manila? Do you by any chance know of a travel agency na international na medyo mura yun tickets. I’m doing my research online. I tried the asap tickets pero its so expensive. Thanks for your response.

  12. sueanne permalink

    I need info if anyone out there can help me. Im trying to book my Boracay vacation but the hotel charges 900.00 pesos per person for the boat transfer alone. I think this is expensive. How much is the boat transfer rate usually? The airfare from Manila to Caticlan is 9,029.44 pesos for 2 people. Manila to Kalibo is 8,133.44 pesos for 2 people. How much is the land ride if i book the manila-kalibo? Or is it much more worth it to just book the manila caticlan? Anyone out there please get back to me on this. Thanks so much for all your help!

  13. sueanne permalink

    I found a super cheap boracay hotel! Only 537.00 pesos for the fanned rooms!! Thats a very good low rate for sept to oct.

  14. hi..

    We are from Sphere Travel. Ask lang ako kung pno makakuha nang new rates sa palakbayan?

  15. Maan permalink

    Hi Ryan,

    I went to PAL website for the PALakbayan promos. And I’m a little confused why they have Option 1 and Option 2.. etc when the Terms and COndition pretty much look the same to me. Any ideas?

  16. As far as I can tell, the latest option always overrides the previous options (you’ll see a note at the top left corner of each pdf taht says something like that in fine print).

    I don’t understand why PAL doesn’t take off the old options, and I can only speculate that their web people are lazy.

  17. snappyrivera permalink

    Do you know of any travel agency na mura or meron mga promo for LAX to Manila roundtrip.

  18. Snappy – my best friend is getting married in LA this October and she asked us to find the cheapest way from Manila to LA so that she can inform her guests here. So far Ry’s found this site where you can book a round trip to LA for as low as 44,590 pesos. We’ll keep looking though.

  19. snappyrivera permalink

    Hi Aissa! Thanks for the site! It is cheap but is it safe to purchase on that site? Ask ko lang coz i have never ever purchased an international E-ticket online before. If ever its the first. Ive only tried with Southwest airlines pero its local flights lang here sa U.S.

  20. snappyrivera permalink

    Aissa or Ryan,

    I had no idea that Hawiian Airlines flies to Manila? It was the cheapest deal i found on the site Aissa referred me to with the most shortest stop over time. Can you confirm if Hawaiian Airlines flies to manila. Ask ko na rin if there are flights from U.S. to clark airport. Napansin ko kasi kung clark yun destination, mas cheap. Thanks!

  21. To snappyrivera: Confirmed, Hawaiian Airlines will be flying to Manila. Actually I saw their booth at the Travel Expo last month at SMX and inquired about their fares.

  22. so how were their fares? It’s surprisingly expensive to fly to Hawaii, as far as I know.

  23. anne permalink

    Hi, would you happen to know if the prices quoted in the pdf files include taxes and surcharges already?

    I’m thinking definitely not, but can’t hurt to ask. 🙂

  24. Hi Anne unfortunately Airlines never show ticket fares including the taxes and surcharges. I don’t kow why exactly, but my guess is that since these prices are very volatile (for example, oil prices right now are reaching a record high) it’s not practical for them to show the exact cost including those charges.

    In fact I think that because of the rise in the price of oil, fuel tax/insurance has gone up somewhat, though I don’t have the numbers to back that up.

  25. sueanne permalink

    Can anyone tell me why its not good to stay @ station 3. Is this true? Is this why the hotels and resorts there are cheaper? Another question is , is it much better to book the manila boracay flight w/ a travel agency that comes w/ a hotel package or is it cheaper to book directly w/ the airline? Help please!

  26. Hi Ryan,
    Am i gonna call the PAL no. for the palakbayan package?

  27. Leilani permalink

    Hi, thanks for giving us info which is indeed most useful.

    I am planning to go to Cebu this March 29 to 31, 2009 using PAL’s Palakbayan packages. I was never aware of the previous Palakbayan packages. Too bad, since you mentioned that it is way lower than this latest one. And the cost difference would be rather substantial since I am bringing the entire family clan.

    Well, to be honest, it is only now that I was bitten by the travel bug so it is pretty understandable. To be previously ignorant , i mean. Hahaha.

    It is a good thing that there are forums like this that provides helpful tips.

    Thanks again!

  28. Sharon permalink

    Hi Ryan,

    Me, my fiance and some friends are thinking of going to Boracay… none of us have been there and we would really like to go.. i have several questions

    1) is there last minute booking? we’re looking to go 10/17-10/20 and where can we find the good deals?

    2) what’s the weather like? still crowded?

    3) location: we’re thinking of going with Regency since it had good reviews… any good night life there?

    THANKS a lot for your help!

  29. Sharon permalink

    I’m sorry, I meant we plan on staying from 10/17 until 10/19.

  30. where can i get a budget tour package for 2 going to cebu, please help.

  31. Hi Sharon

    1) Afraid I can’t help you there, I just take my chances by checking the website, same as anyone else

    2) October is a bit chancy, on the one hand you might have a mild sunny day (as opposed to the scorching hot summer days) with the beach all to yourself, but on the other hand you might get rained out, like me and my friends did last year.

    3)I don’t know about the Regency but October is definitely not the time to go if you’re looking for the nightlife. Boracay’s usually alive during Holy week, summer, and christmas.

  32. lynKs permalink

    Hi, thanks for this post. My family and I are planning to avail of the PALakbayan package on May 2009. I would just like to know if the rates posted in the PDF files are the actual rates that we’re going to pay. I’m aware that airport fees are not covered in the published rates, but aside from that, are there other hidden charges?

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  33. Hi, there are usually fuel taxes that you need to pay as well, and these will vary according to the destination. In general, expect to pay around 1k more (per person) for domestic flights and roughly 3k for international flights. To be safe, jsut call PAL and ask them for the total price. 🙂

  34. migs permalink

    Ang mahal naman!


  35. Lunie permalink

    Never ever fly with Cebu Pacific.

    I was a victim when I was blamed for the delay of the plane take off where in fact, Cebu Pacific offered me an earlier seat for them to maximize the flight that is an hour earlier to my original flight….

    Isn’t it a stupid strateg?

  36. Lunie – I’m sorry, I didn’t really understand your story. Cebu Pacific told you took take an earlier flight and you were late for it? How many hours in advance were you notified?

    We’ve been flying Cebu Pacific regularly (almost every month) this past year and our experience has been great thus far. We love Cebu Pacific!

  37. We have updated packages for 2009. They should be cheap and affordable for everybody!

  38. marlyn permalink

    phil airlines hot line is forever busy. they have put me on hold for more than half an hour. what is that????

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