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Bohol Part 3: Bohol Beach Club

by on February 29, 2008

Bohol Beach Club is on Alona Beach, which by all accounts is the nicest beach in Panglao. That means it’s one of the more expensive resorts, but you don’t have to stay at a pricey beach-front resort to have a great beach experience. BBC and a number of other resorts allow day trips. At BBC, the 350 peso entrance fee is consumable and gives you full use of the facilities. Olman’s is about fifteen minutes away from BBC (well, fifteen minutes with Dante behind the wheel) and there are many other less expensive resorts nearby.

We spent the entire morning on beach, reading and listening to podcasts and just soaking up the sun. At around 11:00 the bottomless pit known as my boyfriend (edit: Ry objects and would have it known that he is NOT a bottomless pit) was getting hungry, so we had an early lunch at one of the poolside restaurants. There was a buffet that was tempting, but gluttony did not get the better of us this time. We settled for the ala carte menu and while I can’t remember exactly what we ordered, I remember being satisfied with my meal. Nothing to rave about, but it was good, the portions were generous and it was mostly covered by the consumable entrance fee.

After lunch there was more lounging and swimming, but the highlight of my afternoon was the nap I took by the lagoon-shaped pool in the more secluded area of the resort. The atmosphere was so relaxing and the sound of the waterfall lulled me to sleep almost instantly. It was one of my most satisfying napping experiences of all time. Ry was so amused at how pleased I looked with myself when I woke up.

BBC is very pretty and well-maintained, but other than that I really don’t have much to say about it. One can’t complain about the amenities or the service, but BBC doesn’t offer you anything that you couldn’t find elsewhere. There are dozens of four-star resorts like BBC – nice, but mostly generic and lacking in character.

There was just one resort among those we considered that I really liked (I’ll save that for a separate entry), and since I didn’t feel strongly about any of the others, Olman’s seemed like a good choice based on its value for money proposition. I’m glad we stayed at Olman’s instead of spending a bit more for BBC, which didn’t really make an impression on me.

But if you’re not in the mood to be adventurous and you just want to go somewhere you’re guaranteed to have nice facilities and good service, I’d say BBC is safe bet. I personally like the slight terror that comes with trying something new and I delight in finding hidden gems among less popular options. Obviously that has its drawbacks, but I haven’t had any traumatic experiences so far. When I do I may reconsider my position.

Our relaxing day at BBC ended at around 5:00 PM, when loud speakers on the beach started blasting cheesy dance music for the party people in da house, which we took as our cue to leave.

Part 1: Arrival and Olman’s View Resort Hotel, Part 2: The Tour, Part 3: Bohol Beach Club, Part 4: Conclusion


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  1. Kriztine permalink

    I’m planning to go to Bohol this coming April 28. That’s why I was directed to your site. Oh this is very informative. I just loving reading the posts!
    I’m curious about this: “There was just one resort among those we considered that I really liked (I’ll save that for a separate entry)”. May I know this resort? Hehe…

  2. Oh, thank you. The resort in question is Amarela. I’ve been meaning to write about it but I’ve been really busy with work so my Bohol resorts list (similar to Ryan’s Boracay resorts list) keeps getting pushed back. I’ll try to post it sometime next week.

    Amarela’s a bit pricey, but from what I’ve heard from friends it’s definitely worth it. I’m waiting for them to offer some sort of promo though. Last year my best friend and her family stayed there for 3 days/2 nights for 5,700 per person, which was lot cheaper than their regular rates and a good deal for all that the package included.

  3. Kriztine permalink

    I’ve looked for some info ’bout Amarela and your right, it’s really nice. But I’m afraid our budget would not suffice. Upon researching and doing some spreadsheets too, Dumaluan Beach Resort is one of the options. What I like here is the location – it’s beachfront and secluded compared to Alona area. BBC is just few steps away. However, the reviews in trip advisor worries me a lot. Oh, headhurt for Bohol trip! Sigh! Perhaps, i’m just being sooo OC. Anyway, thanks for the posts. It’s really helping me a lot. Keep blogging!

  4. I’d be worried too. Ry and I actually just switched hotels for our Hanoi, Vietnam trip because we read some bad reviews of the hotel we first booked.

    You might want to check out Isis Bungalows, too. It looks very nice, it’s Alona beachfront property, and 2,000 pesos per night is really not bad at all. I’d definitely consider Isis, except that they don’t offer a packaged tour, and the tour was really what Ry and I were after on our last trip. (Next time we’re in Bohol we want to go snorkeling and dolphin/whale watching.)

  5. I’m also reading hotel reviews for my May 8 Hanoi trip. The cheapest hotel with good reviews I can find is the Hanoi Holiday Hotel, about $19 for a standard room. When is your trip to Hanoi? I’ll wait first for your hotel feedback here in your blog before booking mine 🙂

  6. Ar-wee-der-yet – We booked at Hanoi Holiday because of you, actually. Thanks for pointing it out. Yeah, the reviews are consistently good. The reviews of Hanoi Plaza range from excellent to terrible, which is worrisome. We’d rather not gamble and Hanoi Holiday looks “safe”. We’ll be in Hanoi from April 17-21. When is your trip?

  7. You might want to check this one out another one is called Hanoi Kids (I emailed you the details I found on TripAdvisor).

  8. That Hanoi Flash thing looks interesting, but to be honest their website has me really confused as to how it all works out.

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