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Bohol Part 1 : Arrival and Olman’s View Resort Hotel

by on February 27, 2008

This tale begins, as most of our tales do, with a sale. Cebu Pacific, as it has been doing for quite some time, had a massive 1 peso sale last December to all domestic flights. Aissa and I being the budget conscious people we are (read: sale whores), we decided to take CP up on their magnanimous offer and schedule a trip to Bohol for January 26-29, perfect for the 3 days/2 nights packages that are so prevalent in Bohol.

After manually poring over every bohol resort website known to man (to the extent that Aissa made a spreadsheet document so we could check out our options in a more organized fashion) we decided on Olman’s View resort, which had the best bang for buck package tour amongst all the resort we found, at 3250 pesos per person for a 3 days 2 nights stay. Olman’s is also located on Panglao island, which we thought would mean it was close to the beaches (turned out we were wrong, but the beaches weren’t too far away so it was ok).

I emailed Olman’s and was pleased to receive a reply almost within minutes from their manager, Olive, who was kind enough to answer all the questions of a first time traveler to Bohol. When people are too excited to answer your email inquiries it inspires either fear that they’re desperate for any customers or hope that this kind of customer service will extend up until your stay there. I clung to hope.

Our flight was at 5:45 in the morning, which we thought was horrendously early but apparently people like waking up at 3 in the morning because the airport was packed like a rush hour MRT train. Flight was slightly delayed but otherwise uneventful, so we ended up planing into Tagbilaran airport at around 7:30. First thing I noticed about the airport is that everything is owned by Coke. Coke ads were everywhere on the airport and even in murals on schools it was the oddest thing to see coke bottles walking hand in hand with school children (which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of).


At the arrival terminal we met Dante, who would be our driver for most of the trip (airport transfers are included in the package, another bonus for Olman’s). Dante’s a nice guy, really nice and helpful and friendly, but he has this newfangled way of driving called warp speed that may leave the queasier ones among you with your head in your hands crying for mommy. The advantage of warp speed is that it gets you where you need to be much faster than you normally would, which would be used to full effect in our tour.

Upon arrival at Olman’s we were given our keys and coupons for the tour, which included 3 breakfasts. 3 breakfasts! You’d think that in a 3 days 2 nights package you’d only get two breakfasts but they gave us 3! Since everyone knows that free meals are better than sex, I barely had my bags down before sprinting towards the resort restaurant. Aissa was disgusted at the thought of eating a second breakfast (we had a light meal before leaving the airport) so since I’m the consummate gentleman I helped myself to half of her longganisa breakfast.

Me: Free breakfast!

Aissa: But we already ate breakfast! I’m still full, aren’t you?

Me: But it’s FREE!

Aissa: *sighs*


The resort’s food is typical fare, with Filipino and common international dishes sharing the menu. The Filipino food was all right, but I’d definitely recommend that you steer clear of their international food. I thought that carbonara was a common enough food that you couldn’t get it wrong, but they served me a tasteless dish that I didn’t have the heart or energy to complain about. If they had cooked some spaghetti, opened a can of nestle cream and dumped it onto the cooked pasta with some bacon bits I wouldn’t have been surprised.

The resort itself is nothing particularly special. There’s a saying that you get what you pay for, and Olman’s is probably the epitome of that. It’s neither horrid nor spectacular, though I get the feeling that it was once a very beautiful and well kept resort that had faded away with time and competition. The grass and trees are well kept, the staff is polite if slightly slow on the uptake, but it was nice and quiet and at the time we were the only people there so we had it all to ourselves. The rooms are well kept, if a bit spartan in décor, and the TV had this odd way of being on while not being on, which would take far too much time to explain. There’s a half baked beachfront area that’s not well maintained, if at all, and a little pool enough for maybe 6 people without it feeling too crowded.

Olman’s has the air of a faded beauty queen who fondly remembers all the parties and debauchery she had while she was young but didn’t quite manage the transition into old age gracefully. Overall I’d still reccomend Olman’s if only for the value proposition, and since it looked like they were doing renovations while we were there, you might get the luxury of a newly renovated room if you do decide to stay there.


Up next, the tour!

Part 1: Arrival and Olman’s View Resort Hotel, Part 2: The Tour, Part 3: Bohol Beach Club , Part 4: Conclusion

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  1. I enjoy free things as much as the next person, but I’m still unconvinced that as a rule it’s justification enough to eat something.

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