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Coffee Gets Naughty at Delifrance

by on February 24, 2008

Last night Ryan and I got “naughty with our coffee” at an event for bloggers hosted by no less than the President of Delifrance Philippines himself, Mr. William Tan Untiong. It was a “coming out party” of sorts, in which Mr. Tan Untiong announced that Delifrance is now poised to enter a new phase in Philippine dining.

Attuned to Filipino tastes and trends, Delifrance has transformed itself into a classy European-styled café where the Metro’s coffee-loving sophisticates can go “to see and be seen.” Distinguishing Delifrance from your typical coffeeshop, Mr. Tan Untiong explains, “Filipinos don’t live by coffee alone… In addition to excellent coffee, we serve light Euro-continental fare amid a relaxing ambience – truly a complete food experience in itself.”

And it was a complete food experience we bloggers thoroughly enjoyed. Delifrance showcased the freshness and flavor of its food by serving us a variety of canapés, a tangy oriental shrimp salad, followed by either a clubhouse sandwich (Premiere Clubhouse or Seafood Deluxe) or pasta (Seafood Marinara or Beef Stroganoff). The food was delicious, but for me, everything was eclipsed by desert: a velvety chocolate cake oozing with rivers of molten chocolate lava. Oh. My. God. The sounds of pleasure I was making were almost obscene.


Dessert served the dual purpose of delivering a sugar rush and providing entertainment. We had way too much fun with the flambé presentation. Someone even ask the waiter to double the shot of flaming liqueur and I think they slightly scorched the ceiling. Napkins were set on fire and it’s surprising that we all made it out of there with our eyebrows intact.

The cake was a scene stealer, but the real stars of the show were Delifrance’s exciting new Spiked Coffee drinks:


The Sputnik Vodka Espresso is a fusion of crushed blended ice, aromatic espresso and vodka. The Irish Kiss Baileys is an exquisite blend of rich espresso, Irish whiskey and creme. My personal favorite and the one with the most kick is the Mayan Passion Kahlua: heavy and sweet liqueur mixed with intense espresso and topped with whipped cream. Do those sound sexy or what? The beverages are served with a lemon-sugar kissed rim, on which Ry and I don’t agree. He didn’t like it, but I enjoyed the citrusy-sweet contrast to the bitterness of the coffee.

You can decide for yourselves which coffee concoction you like best, and you can even do it for FREE via Delifrance’s new after-five experience with a twist: Spiked after 5. From March 3 to 7, right after the clock strikes 5, just say “Naughty with my coffee” when a Delifrance barista asks for the password.

It’s very cool of Mr. Tan Untiong to recognize the importance of bloggers as members of the “alternative press” in getting the word out. Though next time he’s probably going to check his guestlist twice for people from The Man Blog, who may not be the best ambassadors for his classy new concept.


Man Blog editor and my good friend Bim Barbieto, whose social mishaps I’ve been chronicling for years, decided to start a drinking contest. It was a race to the bottom of upsized glasses of spiked coffee. There was brain freeze and choking and snorting and whipped cream entering the wrong passages, and in the end Bim lost to Juned Sonido of

Let’s just hope this doesn’t start a new trend. Also, going up to a Delifrance barista and asking for “just the naughty without the coffee” is probably not a good idea.


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  1. I love the coffee, I’m addicted. The best thing is that I live in Colombia and I can enjoy the coffee of the world.


  2. I prefer ice tea than the coffee..

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