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Philippine Airlines’ Asian Swingaround packages (good till March 2008)

by on February 20, 2008

Following up on my PALakbayan package tours post, Philippine Airlines offers some tantilizingly affordable Swingaround packages to destinations around the world. Fancy going to Beijing (as low as $459) to see where ancient cultures and cutting edge architecture meet in? Looking to do some soul searching in remote Kathmandu ($551)? Or simply looking to do some shopping and sightseeing in nearby Singapore ($240)? They’ve got all of that and more, and if my travel itinerary wasn’t already quite packed and I was as rich as my old pals Lucio and Henry I’d be tempted to try them out.

Here’s a list of the Swingaround pacakges for PAL’s Asian destinations:










All of these packages typically include airfare, 3 days/2 nights accomodations at a hotel, airport/hotel/airport transfers, and a complimentary breakfast. If I were to choose, I’d definitely check out either Guam or Ho Chi Minh city since they’re relatively affordable and not as visited locations. Go to Guam for the beaches and Ho Chi Minh for the Communist culture!

To book a Swingaround package, please refer to my old PALakbayan post, since I’m a lazy bastard and I don’t wanna write the instructions all over again

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