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Air Asia’s BIG Sale!

by on February 20, 2008

Hey there travelbugs, looks like Air Asia’s getting into Sale mode once again as it’s dropping a massive seat sale on us. They’re offering one peso seats to Kota Kinabalu and 65 peso seats to Kuala Lumpur (ignore the 2 peso one way seat advertised on the website as it seems like a typo). Don’t let that fool you into thinking those are the only destinations though, since Kuala Lumpur opens up a variety of exotic destinations like Penang, Phuket, Vientiane, Phnom Penh and Bali, and good old standbys like Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok for rates from 1 to 655 pesos.

You have to move fast though, because the sale’s from yesterday to February 24 only! The bright side is that the travel period is pretty loose so you can make arrangements from anytime within June 2008-January 2009. That means you can schedule a flight almost every month or every other month until next year! I may have to rethink that tagline about not breaking the bank.

While I go pay off some credit card bills to make some room for my inevitable ticket purchases, check out Air Asia’s website for more details.

Update:We’ve booked tickets to Siem Reap from KL, but the site started getting a bit dodgy while I was booking tickets to KL from Manila. This is causing me no end of stress, and making me unable to to anything except look at the error page with a terrible, terrible rage.

Update 2: From Air Asia: We anticipate traffic congestion to our website during the big sale. Should you have problems searching your flights, please call our call centre at+60 3 8660 4343 (8am – 12 midnight) or try again during off peak hours or after 12 midnight to 6am, when everyone else is sleeping. Earlier I had the rage to be angry enough to want to kick puppies. Now I’m just plain tired.

Udate 3: Finally got the tickets. No puppies had to suffer.

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    Thanks ! for sharing this valuable information. It will help people to plan their trip more smartly.

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