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Philippine Airlines’ Palakbayan packages (good till March 2008)

by on February 19, 2008

I have to say that while I’m a Cebu Pacific fan, a perusal of Philippine Airlines’ PALakbayan packages has been a real eye opener. Their rates are pretty low, considering these are 3 days 2 nights packages with accomodations and airfare included. They range from 1620 pesos (Cebu) to 3650 pesos (Cagayan de Oro) for twin sharing basis. These packages don’t get as much play in the press as Cebu Pacific’s 1 peso flights, and I think it’s partly because PAL’s website takes a Phd in websiteology to figure out (Yes I just made that word up kindly refrain from telling me something I already know).

Similar to Air Philippines (which they own) it’s as if they don’t WANT you to know about these low prices. However, since we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make it our duty to bring you the cheapest ways to travel, here are the pdfs for all the local Palakbayan tours, ready for you to download. You have to be quick about it though, as these are only until march 2008, and depending on how well the promo did, they might decide to just kill it outright instead of trying to bury it in the deep, dark recesses of their website.

PALakbayan packages:











To book a flight, “simply” go to the Philippine Airlines website, click on tour packages, then select where you’re coming from and where you want to go, click continue then once your destination’s page has loaded, click on book now!. Then you have to wait 72 days for them to email you and see if it all works out. Personally I would prefer that some sort of confirmation was sent to me ASAP, because waiting 3 days wondering if they’re going to reply isn’t my idea of fun. Still, with prices these low hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

  1. hi. do you know if the prices of Palakbayan packages are as is? Don’t they have additional charges or taxes because they seem to be really cheap, considering March is already peak season. I’d really appreciate the info. Thanks!

  2. As with most of these promos (including cebu pacific’s 1 peso fares), you’ll usually have to add some form of tax and fuel insurance whatnot, usually amounting to around 2500 pesos for each ticket.

    They are ridiculously cheap for ANY season, and I would take advantage of them because I’ve seen their rates for April 2008 to March 2009, and the difference in price is ridiculously high.

    We’ll be posting those soon, but in the meantime burn up PAL’s phone lines at (632) 855-7777 to get those PALakbayan tours.

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