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Philippines Airlines buy one take one promo

by on February 17, 2008

If you’re planning on travelling from now until March 2008 to certain international destinations and you want to pamper youself a bit, Philippine Airlines still has a buy one take one promo for business and first class travelers. To find these promotional fares, look at the fares and promos image (it’s a brown graphic with some basketweaving design on top), Click on “special promos” then click on “Buy One Take One”, which should bring you here:


From the rates I’ve looked through, the Hong Kong one seems to give you the most bang for your buck, at 888 dollars for a roundtrip fare in Mabuhay class. If you break it down that means 444 dollars each, which multiplied by 41 (our current exchange rate varies but 41 seems like a conservative estimate) equals 18,204 pesos. For a round trip business class ticket to HK, that’s really not a bad deal. For comparison, a round trip ticket with Cebu Pacific at regular rates at the same time period would cost from between 6k-12k pesos. Flying Philippine Airlines also allows you access to the much nicer Terminal 2 (have you BEEN to Terminal 1 lately? It’s almost embarrassing that most Foreigners get dropped off there) of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

If you do decide to go to Hong Kong, here are some websites that show you what you can do there, aside from indulging in pure lustful commercialism.

  1. sueanne permalink

    Quick question. I heard cebu pacific (domestic) departs from NAIA 3. Do we need a passport to enter the new airport. I really dont want to be carrying my passport around. Has anyone out there traveled domestic via NAIA 3?

  2. Hm… i don’t know if you need a passport. I think it depends naman din on your ticket. If the staff sees it’s domestic, they probably won’t ask for a passport.

    but to be safe just bring it anyway, and make sure you keep it safe!

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