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Air Philippines all year round low fares

by on February 16, 2008

Air Philippines, the subsidiary and domestic carrier of Philippine Airlines, offers low year round fares to numerous destinations, which at times equal those of Cebu Pacific or manage to get lower than them (except for the 1 peso fares). However, Air Philippines’ website is a bit clunky, and the speed at which their animated GIF goes makes me feel like maybe they don’t really WANT you to know that they have low year round fares. I mean, I read pretty fast and there’s not a lot of text but it moves to the next frame and then even before I can curse under my breath it’s already moved on again. So here, fellow budget travelers, are the rates for Air Philippines’ year round low fares:


I’ve never actually tried Air Philippines before, and frankly their system of booking flights gives me a proper headache. I still much prefer Cebu Pacific’s way, where all available flights are laid out before you and you get to choose the flight that suits your needs. However, there are deals to be had here if you’re wiling to try it out and are on a tight budget (and these days who isn’t?).

  1. armie permalink

    The P288 flight rate from Manila to Puerto Princesa is a lot different when I inquire at AirPhils. through phone, It was really frustrating that the taxes are really high to reach the fare from manila to puerto princesa – P1,869 and from Puerto Princesa to Manila is P1,885.

    I’m really confused 😦
    P288++ really this high = P1,869?

  2. Yes I think unfortunately this really is the case. You have to take into consideration that the airline has to pay for fuel, and with the cost of oil rising lately, it will have an effect on these prices. I think when we bought our tickets to davao (via cebu pacific) the fuel tax was around 1500-1600 for each leg of the trip.

    Always keep in mind when purchasing tickets to take the fuel and surcharges into consideration.

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